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A Story Of Hope

The second week of December 2005 I found one of my ferals at death's door.  When I found her she was all curled up in a furry black ball - freezing cold, stiff, eyes and nose crusted closed and barely able to lift her head.

I wrapped her in a towel and rushed her to the house.  I prepared a large cage for her full of towels kept warm with heating pads underneath.  I covered the entire cage with a comforter to keep the warmth in. 

I cleaned off her eyes and nose so she could see and breathe.  I heard the wheezing sound when she tried to breathe.  She had pneumonia.  I started to syringe fluids into her immediately and prayed.  She was skin and bones.  I syringed fluids into her every 15 minutes for half the day.  Then I called the vet requesting antibiotics.  I spent the next 48 hours giving her fluids every 15 minutes and antibiotics 3 times a day.

She was fighter.  She did not want to die.  I was going to give everything I had to help her live.  I named her Hope.

She laid there in the cage covered in a towel and this feral cat that earlier would have torn your eyes out if you looked at her wrong thanked me with a lick-kiss on my hand.

After those 48 hours I started mixing kitten milk in with her fluids to give her some nutrition.  The days following  I added some kitten weaning formula for extra nutrition and vitamins.  We eventually added Nutra-Cal paste to this formula.  I also discovered that she had a raging ear infection so we added antibiotic ear drops to the routine. After those 48 hours I was able to stretch those every 15 minute "feedings" to every 2 hours, after a week every 4 hours. 

It is now January 14, 2006.  Hope now sits up for longer periods of time.  Meows greetings to me and loves to be petted.  She is now eating dry and canned food and drinking on her own.  She stands for very short periods of time going from the front of the cage to the back where not too long ago she was crawling/dragging herself.  Hope doesn't tilt to the right nearly as badly as she used to when she sits or stands. 

Here is Hope :




Jan 21, 2006 -  Hope is doing well enough in the standing up department that she now has a real litter box to use.

Nov 2006 - Here is Hope up, moving and going.   Isn't she gorgeous !!



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