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Dear Friends:

Hi!  My name is Buster Bailey, and Maxine and I are writing you in hope that you may be able to help us out.  You see, the children in our house have developed allergies, so, as sad as it is for everyone involved, we need to find a new home.  Maybe you or someone you know is interested in two incredibly loveable dogs?  We would like to stay together, but the most important thing is for each of us to find a kind person or family to care for us.  Right now we’re staying in a kennel and we’re afraid no one will find us if we don’t start speaking up!  So allow me to toot my own horn…

I, Buster, am a five year old neutered male mix.  Some say I am half coonhound and half shar pei, but all I know is that I am extremely good looking.  I’m smart, quiet and like to loaf around.  Some might describe me as a gentle giant.  I am good around kids and can tolerate a lot of activity (without getting too rambunctious).   I have a strong bark when I want to let you know someone unusual is around, but I won’t really hurt anyone.  I am fully house-broken and very well mannered. 

Maxine is a babe!  She is my age, and is a beautiful border collie / chow mix who has been spayed.  Maxine is smaller than me, and weighs about 30 pounds.  She is very smart, potty trained, and really likes to bond to one person.  She is very attached to me (who could blame her).  However, if we are separated, Maxine would make a perfect companion to a single woman.  She is shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she is intensely loyal and cuddly.  She will usually stay away from the action in a busy household.


We’re attaching our photos in case you want to get a better look at us.  Thank you for reading our story.  We hope that you are our perfect match! 


Buster the Great and Maxine the Beautiful