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That is the name of my newest little rescue. Here is the full scoop as I know it  now:

Mattalyn - Matty for short :) - is sound asleep in a cozy doggie bed with a blankie on her. She is shaved completely and is tuckered from such a big day. The vet says she is about 10 years old. She is not blind but instead has scratched eyes from the matts rubbing on them so is getting steroid drops for 3-4 days to see if that helps. Otherwise, she doesnt appear to even have cataracts (sp?) - just normal older age stuff with the eyes. She responded well to sight reflex tests. She may or may not have hearing problems. Her ears amazingly looked very good except sometimes she responds to sounds, other times she doesnt. I will keep watching her closely on this to see if I can figure anything out. She has two tumors - one on her hind end, and one around her knee which the vet thinks from feeling them are just fatty tumors or cysts, but worse case senario could be cancer but doubts that the case. The worst thing so far are her teeth --- they are an absolute mess to the point where the vet says health wise this dog needs a dental asap. They reccommended that she be on antibiotics for a few days before the dental, and then be spayed at a seperate time becuase of the risk of infection from the teeth. They did say they could remove the masses from her legs etc while doing the dental.

Matty also has a scar on her back in the exact shape of a harness.. which leads us to think that at one point in her life she was left for it to grow too tight and into her skin. :( This poor baby hasn't had a good life. :(

She is 12.8 lbs and they think Llaso or ShihTzu Mix.... Now that she is completely shaved naked - poor baby - its really hard to tell what she is, but she was a very very good girl at the vets and let them poke around all over her without one sign of a growl or anything. She did shake and tremble the entire time, from either fear, or being cold without all the matty hair, or both. She is so scared and confused and exhausted :(  She did great with Poochie, the ShihTzu I am fostering, so she must be used to other dogs. She really is an angel -- very quiet and calm.

Obviously Mattalyn isn't "adoptable" in the normal sense, but maybe someone may know of a person with a really huge heart for the little, sad, older dogs?? Although her vet problems don't seem to be overwhelming right now, there is a potential for more problems to develop or for the current problems to get worse- like teeth or tumors.   Any help or ideas are greatly welcomed and appreciated :)

Tina Hedrick
'Our clients are homeless pets. We hope to be out of business someday!"