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I am struggling right now with one of my favorite males, Ralph, who is stuck in a boarding facility because my fosters were unable to become available due to medical issues.
If there is anyone out there that can help me with fostering so I can get him out and on to a more productive, loving environment I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!  He is a wonderful young fella, about a year, very smart and sweet.  Here is his pic.  You will fall in love with him!
I was called yesterday by a man that has to have back surgery soon.  He was a foster for me and then ended up adopting Banjo, the little blue tick beagle I rescued from KCK.  He must find homes for several of his animals because he won't be able to care for them properly.  Banjo is a great dog, about a year and a half, and loves being around other dogs!  Here is his pic too! 
If you can send me potential adopters, or open your home until one can be found for either Banjo or Ralph then please call me at 913-485-8825 or email back.  Banjo has about 5 days left with this family and if I don't help I don't know what they will do! 
Ralph needs to get out NOW from the Welburn boarding facility in KCK. 
Punkin, the female owned by a gal in KCMO from a litter she had was finally placed in a family and they are moving!  I can't get a hold of them.  If you were interested in Punkin a while back please call Mr. Mclary at913-680-0841.  They did not go through me or beagle rescue, just contacted the owner.
Thanks for understanding and helping out!!!!!!  GA

GeorgeAnn Marx