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Shepherd,Collie Mix


Size: Large
Age: Senior
Sex: Female
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Notes: WARNING! The story you are about to read WILL bring tears to your eyes!

It was a hot summer day last year in August. My owners decided to take me for a car ride. I just love car rides and couldn’t wait to see where we were going! As we were driving my mom and dad were talking about me and I overheard my dad say “We can’t afford her heartworm treatment!” My mom was crying and I was nervous. I didn’t know what heartworms was and my dad seemed real mad.

We drove out to the country. We drove what seemed like hours. The car stopped and my dad told me to get out. I thought we were going to run through the fields. We got out of the car and my dad told me to RUN! So I started to run but when I looked back my dad jumped back in the car and took off! I turned and chased them for several miles, but they just drove faster.

Nightfall was coming fast and I was scared, sad and so confused. I could see the city in the distance and just started heading that way to go back home. And I walked, and walked, and walked....

FORTUNATLY, Tuffy didn’t make it home. She was taken in by animal control. A volunteer rescued her before she was put to sleep and when you meet Tuffy you WILL UNDERSTAND. Tuffy has lived a long life and doesn’t deserve to be disposed of in the manner she was! She just needs a home to care for her for the last few years of her life.

* Tuffy is around 13 years old
* She has heartworms
* She will connect with you the minute you meet her!
* She appears to be very healthy except for the heartwoms and some dental work
* She gets along with other dogs and cats.

These situations happen everyday all over the KC area. Tuffy can only be given a certain amount of time here until she may be put to sleep. To give her the best quality of life…..she needs a home to live in, not a kennel. If you can’t adopt Tuffy but WANT TO SAVE HER LIFE! Please call 816-353-5675 to donate to her heartworm treatment.
POSTED: 1/15/04
NEED $70.50 for blood work
NEED $187.00 for heartworm treatment

Even if we raise the money….SHE STILL NEEDS A HOME! Please tell everyone you know about Tuffy!


Please Mail Donations To: Country Kennels
10014 E 47th
Kansas City, MO 64133
C/O Tuffy