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I am making a final plea for finding a home for Carlton, the cat.
Most of you have heard from me before, but some of you are new to his saga.
Here are the highlights of his story:
He came to live on our doorstep Nov. 1st.
We moved him to our garage due to bad weather mid Nov
We took him to Wayside Waifs Nov. 15th
We checked on him around Thanksgiving, and he was going to be euthanized (long story), so we adopted him back Nov. 30th
He had a cold so he went to my parents temporarily.
We thought he had a home for Christmas, but they changed their mind (too many grandkids with cat allergies)
My parents got a puppy Jan 8th, so Carlton is back with us.
He is living in our finished basement due to our other adult male cat not willing to make friends.
Carlton's specs:
black with a bit of white on his paws, under his chin, and tummy.
vaccinated (including leukemia)
micro chipped
has insurance paid until Feb. 3rd
he is probably 1-2 years old
loves to play and has a loud purr
rides in the car great no meowing
easy going at the vet no fussing
quiet at home
eats just 2/3 cup of food a day
likes children
liked the puppy
and would love to be someone's indoor pet.
If you or anyone you know would be interested, please contact me.
I am reluctant to put him back into the adoption system.  I will deliver him with a carrier, food bowls, food, litter tray, litter, scooper, and brush.

Thanks for your help,
Jennifer Coffelt
248-8686 home