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Gabriel was an abandoned feral when the trailer park his was living in closed.  Gabriel is still very skittish so his new home would have to be with someone who has the patience to work with him on his trust issues.  Once you've gained his trust he gives head rubs & will cuddle up alongside of you.  He's working on "I think I want to get in your lap."

Gabriel was one of the last cats for us to catch.  We knew we just had to catch him as he was so thin he would not have made it through the winter.  You couldn't tell that by looking at him now !!  With a warm place to sleep and play, lots of good food & attention this guy has blossomed !  Gabriel has also bonded with Cooper.  We are wiling to do a two-for-one with these two so they can stay together.

Both are vaccinated & neutered.  Both tested negative for FELV & FIV.

Adoption fee : $70.00
If you are interested please call 913-377-2009 or contact Patricia at

Gabriel & Cooper

Cooper & Gabriel