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Female - Spayed

Jackie is part of a litter of four ferals found in Louisburg, KS. WF was called and asked to take these 6 month olds. It was thought that due to the age of the litter they would not tame down and have to remain feral. Guess what - we fooled them. It took many months of working with this litter but they are all wonderfully sweet kitties.

Jackie, Arthur & Gwen's sister, is a loving cat but is shy until she gets to know you. Hasn't met up with any dogs yet so we don't know how she will react to them. She loves to be hugged and cuddled. She is a petite little thing which is good as she loves to perch on your shoulders. 

Adoption fee : $70.00
If you are interested please contact Joyce at Fuzzy1@warmfuzzys.org or call 660-267-3497.