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Teddy Bear isn't quite ready for prime time yet but he's getting there.

Teddy was abandoned by his owners when the trailer park they were living in was closed.  Not only was Teddy left to fend for himself but he also witnessed the destruction of his home.  This was too much for this big baby ( 16 pounds) to bear and he started ripping his fur out.   You can see one of several bald spots at the top of his left front leg.

Teddy is doing much better nowadays and his fur is starting to grow back.  Teddy was the Trailer Park Bully.  Once he recovers from his surgery we will see if his attitude towards other cats has changed any.  Teddy has some very severe complications from his surgery.  During recovery he starting clawing at his mouth and about ripped his tongue in half.  It took 3 vets to put this sweetie back together.  A very big thank you to Trish for taking Teddy into her house for his recovery.  Due to my work schedule I was unable to properly care for him.  He was on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories several times a day.  He could only eat soft foods for several weeks.

Teddy wins everyone over with his handsome looks and super charming personality.  There is a certain something about this big guy that you can't resist.   This is one awesome cat !!

Adoption fee : $70.00
If you are interested please call 660-267-3600 or contact Joyce at Fuzzy1@warmfuzzys.org

Feb 1, 2007 Update:  Teddy does great with dogs and has been behaving himself beautifully around the other cats.

April 2007 - UPDATE:  Teddy has been adopted which is great because Teddy is such
an awesome kitty.  He often thinks he is a puppy.