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February 27, 2002

Coconut is supposed to be a fluffly white/cream colored male cat.  He has a touch of gold on his nose, ears, tail and the back of his rear legs.  Right now he is very dirty with grease spots all over his matted coat.  When he's cleaned up he'll be gorgeous. He has almost crystal blue eyes.   He showed up here about a month or so ago.  He is pretty tame which leads us to believe he belonged to somebody.  Just about anyone can pet him and he quite literally throws himself down on the ground onto his back and rolls over so you can pet him.  

He is now in a cage in my living room awaiting a trip to the vet's in the morning.   He's badly beaten up around the face, ears & eyes. Has some blood under one eye that's pretty fresh.  We will make sure that he gets vaccinated during his visit. He may have to wait till he heals up some before the vet will neuter him.  Hopefully the vet will also be able to give us some idea on how old he is.  He is not a kitten and definitely over the age of one.  I plan on taking pictures of him in the next few days.

Please call us at 660-267-3497 if you either have information as to who his owners might be or would like to give this sweety a home.  You can email us at with any information too.

February 28, 2002
Coconut is a very sick kitty.  He is Extremely underweight (needs to gain at least 5 lbs.), malnourished, has suffered significant blood loss, anemic & has "thin" blood.  None of this makes for a good prognosis.  Hopefully with a lot of prayer, love, attention, high calorie food & supplements, antibiotics, a warm place so he can get lots of rest and sleep he'll make it.  If he is still alive in 3 weeks he'll go back to the vets.  

In the meantime we'll start making the rounds to see if anybody has lost him. 

March 02, 2002
On the following pages we have quite a few pictures of Coconut.  There are so many as we wanted to be able to show his coloring, size, some of the cuts & scrapes he has.   He is missing chunks of hair on the side of his head, one ear is missing almost all of its fur, he has scabs all over his body under his fur & a huge cut/sore about 1/4 of the way down his tail on the top side (which is hidden by fur).  We have carefully started brushing some of the tried blood out of his fur.  He likes to be brushed.   He will lay down right next to you while you do so and purr up a storm.   Something really got a hold of him and tried its darndest to kill Coconut by tearing this cat's head off. 

March 26, 2002
We have been informed that Coconut is a Red Point Siamese mix (sometimes, but mistakingly, called a Flame Point).  On April 11 Coconut has an appointment with the vet for a re-check on his blood count and to see if he's gaining the weight he needs to.  If he passes all his blood tests and has gained enough weight he will be neutered.  He is healing up very nicely and his fur is growing back.  He is looking like one gorgeous kitty and just loves Kipper Snacks !! 

To date we have not heard  a peep from anyone claiming to be Coconuts mommy and daddy.  Any one wanting to adopt Coconut please contact us either by calling 660-267-3497 or sending email to
Thank you.

I just don't really understand why this poor kitty had this happen to him.  I just thank God that he hadn't been declawed.

MAY 2, 2002 - UPDATE:  Coconut has been adopted !!  He was adopted by an absolutely wonderful man, Bob.  Bob had lost his short haired Siamese mixed cat named Merlin who had similiar markings to Coconut.  We want to thank Bob very much for being such a compassionate individual to reach out past his loss and adopt Coconut. 

We will be moving this page shortly to the "We Needed A Home Section" and we are delighted to be able to so !!