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Pickles can be the sweetest little baby boy and then a few minutes later a very ornery little
boy !!   However all the time he is one very cute baby.  He has very unusual coloring.  His body is very dark brown and his legs are black.  You don't see very many dark brown kitties.  (we'll be getting some newer pictures of him up soon)

Pickles is also a very special kitty in that he has Feline Leukemia.  He's very healthy and the doctor believes that he can win the fight against the virus given a chance.  He will need to be on a very healthy diet and given a vitamin supplement so his system can fight the disease.  He will need to be watched a bit more carefully than most kitties and he will need a fairly stress-free lifestyle.  If at all possible, so that he can have someone to play with, you might want to consider adopting Petruchio also.   Won't you give these guys someplace to live out their lives ?   They are just babies.....

He has had his first set of kitten shots.

Adoption fee is $20.00

If you are interested please contact me at Fuzzy1@warmfuzzys.org or call 660-267-3497.