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Twinkie was born in August of 2001.  He is a little guy and will more than likely stay that way.  His mommy abandoned him shortly after she thought he was old enough to go it on his own but he wasn't.  He stayed real little because mommy wasn't around to feed him long enough.  About a month and a half ago Twinkie became very ill with pneumonia.  He was given a 30% chance of surviving.  As you can see he did live with the help of a lot of antibiotics, high calorie supplements and a whole lot of love. 

He loves to sit, lay or sprawl in your lap and "nose nuzzle" with you.   He'll go off for short periods of time to play but he always comes back to the lap.    He doesn't like dogs (imagine that) but will get along with other kitties after the introduction period of time. 

Twinkie has been neutered and has had his vaccinations.  He was tested and given a clean bill of health from our vet. 

Feb 27, 2002 

Twinkie when he was a baby.


Aug 1, 2010 - Twinky grew up to be a medium sized kitty.  Prety much ignores the dogs but does not  play well with others - he thinks he is boss.