We Needed A Home
And we found one

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f&f1.jpg (27748 bytes)9/1/99 - Squirt, Fizz & Fazz were all adopted out.  However this will give you an idea of just how little Fizz & Fazz were when they getting one of their first baths after being rescued.


Darwin1.gif (15202 bytes)Darwin aka Finnegan
This is one of our recued babies who was adopted out and has grown up to be a very handsome kitty.  Thank you Nicky.


Spiffy2.JPG (22936 bytes)

An orphaned infant feral Spiffy is now a young energetic black and white male needing a loving home to call his ownHe has had his shots and been neutered.
UPDATE: 8/1/99 - Spiffy now has a home he can call his own.  He is one fat happy kitty !!



Goldie was the remaining kitten from Orrin's litter.  We were very determined to catch him and find him a real good home, which we did. 

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