You Saw Me

You saw me. I know you did. I know you saw me at one time or another. Maybe I didn't look the way I do now, but I know you saw me. I used to live in a nice house. Oh, it wasn't fancy or anything, but I thought it was real nice because the people there loved me. I would sit on their lap and purr while they pet me. I would snuggle up to them in bed at night. I would watch lovingly as they did laundry, dishes or watched television. I would perch atop their monitor as they read their email. No one was as lucky as I! We lived and loved together. You might have seen me looking out the window, watching the children play, or maybe you saw me while I was hunting mousies to bring home as love offerings to my owners. I was so good at that.

One day, someone picked me up and put me in the car and shut the door. I nervously looked out the window because I really don't like car rides but I trusted my owners. They would never ever hurt me. They loved me! I thought we we might be going to visit some friends so I finally settled back in the seat and cleaned myself. I wanted to look my best.

I'm sure it was you who saw me. I really don't know what happened and I'm sure it was an accident, but someone picked me up off the seat and threw me out the window. It was so scary! I frantically wriggled and twisted as I flew helplessly through the air. I just knew I was going to get hurt and I tried desperately to land on my feet. I hit the ground hard and slid across the road. Wasn't it you who saw me as you swerved your car to miss hitting me? Why didn't you stop? Couldn't you see what was happening? Couldn't you tell I needed help? I didn't understand why you shook your head and drove away. Maybe you didn't mean to.

That gravel hurt as my body bounced and rolled uncontrollably across the road into the ditch. I was all scratched up, my nose was bleeding and I started to cry. Dazed, I hobbled to the side of the road. I looked for my owners, but I couldn't see their car. Didn't they know what happened? Didn't they know that someone threw me out of the car? Maybe they thought I fell. I knew they would come back, so I started limping down the road, following where I thought their car might have gone. Surely one of the kids would miss me and cry. They would come looking for me. I knew they would. We all loved each other.

Somebody loved meWas that you would came barreling down the road behind me? I turned my head to look and by the time I saw you, it was too late. When your car hit me, I screamed inside. Oh, it hurt so bad. I could hear my bones snapping and grinding under your tires, then my body got tangled up and bounced under your car. Back and forth, up and down, the pain was unbearable, and then everything got quiet...and I hurt...real bad. All I could do was just lay there in the street. I couldn't move because so many of my bones were broken. Something warm was running into my eye but I couldn't see what it was. I thought you pulled your car over and ran back to help me. I knew it was an accident. I know you are sorry. I knew you didn't mean to hit me. I forgive you. Could you help me please? You see, my owners are looking for me and they will be here any minute. I don't want them to see me like this. Help me up please. I can't feel my feet. Where are you? Everything is kinda blurry.



Wasn't that you who saw me?

Where did everybody go?

God, do you love kitties?

Every year, millions of innocent, loving animals are abandoned, abused and killed. I know you have seen it happen. Don't you think it is time you did something about it? When do you think you can get started?

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