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The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, founded in 1990, is a non-profit organization working to bring positive change for animals through legislative means. Our efforts are combined with the actions of concerned individuals, other groups, organizations and agencies interested in the enactment and/or protection of animal welfare laws.

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation protects animals from abuse, neglect and exploitation by monitoring and facilitating the passage of animal welfare laws, thereby enhancing the quality of life for people and animals in Missouri.


Breed Specific Rescue Organizations

These groups and individuals specialize in rescuing certain breeds. Some also rescue mixes of that breed. Most dogs for adoption will be in foster homes. Breed rescuers are a good source of information to learn about that breed.

We'd like to include more web site links, so if you're a rescuer listed below and have a web site please email us with the link.

American Eskimo HEART BANDITS: http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/KS39.html. Laurel Johnson 913-901-8430 & Jeremy McPeek 913-583-3059. email KcHeartBandits@aol.com

Airedale Sara Franson 816-678-2126 or Terry Kratchman 913-541-1295

Akita Deanna O'Brian (St. Louis) 733-792-1309 or email 6jdob@msn.com

Akita Lisa McCluskey (Central/Southern Illinois) 217-344-9115 or email mccluskey@moongazer.com

Australian Shepherd Pamela Leach 913-722-6699

Australian Shepherd Liz Vahl Kamp 1-800-892-2722 or 314-863-1467

Basenji Vicky Jacobs 785-379-5430; Eva Allen 816-444-9321; Yvonne Sims 660-352-6202

Basset Hound MID AMERICA BASSET HOUND RESCUE:web site http://www.mabr.org, main number 913-707-5698; Kim Dunn 913-557-5224

Basset Hound WESTERN MISSOURI BASSET RESCUE: web site http://www.wmbri.org, Chris Bly 816-353-5643 or email chris@wmbri.org; Margaret Baldomino 816-853-1634 or 816-461-0313 or email margaret@wmbri.org

Basset Hound Liz Vahl Kamp 1-800-892-2722 or 314-863-1467

Beauceron Susan Bass 816-796-6444

Beagle Rhonda Cella Lippert 913-621-3474 or email menbeagle@aol.com

Bearded Collie Barb Clauson 785-842-6884

Bernese Mountain Dog Julie Hesssenflow 913-385-0400 or email Bmdrescue@clearwater.net

Belgian Malinois Barb Clauson 785-842-6884

Belgian Sheepdog Barb Clauson 785-842-6884

Bloodhound Doris Coleman 816-356-9868

Borzoi (Irish Wolfhound) Dawn Kelley 913-677-3296

Borzoi Randa Glen 816-322-2244

Border Collie Jennifer Fitzwater 816-833-3801

Boston Terrier Anne Alscott 913-764-4748

Boston Terrier Stacey Nagals 816-920-3436

Boston Terrier Anita Crowell 816-891-6367

Bouvier Andrea Jackson 913-341-0351

Boxer MOKAN BOXER RESCUE: http://www.midwestboxerrescues.com or 785-979-2679

Brittany Cindy Williams 816-858-0195

Brittany AMERICAN BRITTANY RESCUE: http://www.americanbrittanyrescue.org or Jennifer Schoonover 816-790-3611 or 816-734-2347

Bulldog (French/English) Bev Larrick 913-585-1584

Bulldog (French/English) Sandi Farr-Spears http://www.frenchbulldogrescu.org or email Sandi@houseofbulldogs.com

Bulldog (French) Annie Alscott 913-764-4748

Bulldog (French) Charlotte Kreely 508-588-7968

Bull Mastiff Sandi Farr-Spears: web site http://www.MastiffHope.org or email Sandi@houseofbulldogs.com

Bull Mastiff Kelli Johnson: email BMFRescue@aol.com

Bull Mastiff Locker Wheat 573-635-0088

Bull Terrier Claudia Sharp 636-332-6341 or Rob Reiber at 913-856-4144 or email Ron@hogdon.com

Bull Terrier John & Lynn Byrd 660-222-63341 or 660-222-3474

Chihuahua Vicky Rogers 816-753-7873

Chihuahua LL DOG RESCUE: web site at http://www.lldogrescue.org or Kathy 816-926-0242

Chihuahua Ruth Hamilton 816-523-3676

Chinese Crested Sharon Robinson 573-634-2767

Clumber Spaniel Judy Rickey 913-724-1054

Clumber Spaniel Sue Carr (New Jersey) 908-580-1055 or 1-800-589-9566 or email dobsonml@aol.com

Chow Chow Debbie Willis 816-765-8387

Cocker Spaniel Jane & Al Beck 816-228-4567

Cocker Spaniel Halle (with HEART OF AMERICA HUMANE SOCIETY) 913-722-0636

Cocker Spaniel Anita 816-763-7275 or http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/ok25.html

Collie Pat Rawitch 913-681-0406

Collie Deb Burstein 816-322-5326

Collie Marsha Berg 913-856-6785

Collie Liz Vahl Kam 1-800-892-2722 or 314-863-1467

Corgi Claudia Mitchell 913-764-7117

Corgi Sara Keith 816-833-2757

Dachshund LL DOG RESCUE: web site at http://www.lldogrescue.org or Kathy 816-926-0242

Dachshund Richard and Ghizia Arndt 816-523-8106

Dalmatian June Mueller or Janice Boyanchek 314-842-8958

Dalmatian Nancy Welsh 901-758-9073

Dalmatian Shirley Allen 816-444-1820

Doberman Janice Thom 816-505-2275

Elkhound Renee Schmidt 913-856-3886

English Springer Spaniel Kim Ludwig 816-767-4131

English Springer Spaniel Mark Samuel 816-523-2723

English Springer Spaniel Judy Manley 1-800-377-3824

English Springer Spaniel Valerie Hoffman 816-254-3771

English Setter Diane Brim 712-322-4051 or email dboshaneyisetter@cox.net

German Shepherd Ann Mackey 816-363-0121

German Short Hair Pointer email: gsprescue@egroups.com

Golden Retriever Bev Weaver 913-362-3397

Golden Retriever Phil & Pat Severson 816-741-2838

Great Dane Janet Quick 816-250-2574 or 816-361-2242

Great Pyrenees Jane Signorelli 816-361-9262

Great Pyrenees Jo & Jill Patton 314-739-2562

Greyhound R.E.G.A.P: Bill & Cher Oliver 816-763-3333 or email coliver@kc.rr.com

Irish Setter Mary or Pat Gocke 913-557-6936

Irish Wolfhound Sue Stobart 816-540-4842

Irish Wolfhound Doris Coleman 816-356-9868

Jack Russell Terrier Kerri Dahlheim 402-963-9722

Keeshond Kris Fancher: web site http://www.keeshondlovers.com or 785-542-2078

Labrador Retriever Kristy Kolb 816-931-7513

Labrador Retriever Shirley Allen 816-444-1820

Lhasa Apso Cindy Stoll 1-620-473-3452

Mastiff Kay Heck 913-829-5509

Mastiff Sandy 913-731-5615

Miniature Pinscher Sue Mohr 1-785-748-0941

Newfoundland Bobbie Walker 816-630-8043

Newfoundland Cathy Figgins 816-391-5384

Papillon Irene Hummell 816-333-0034

Pit Bull MISSOURI PIT BULL RESCUE: web site at http://www.mprgroup.net

Pit Bull Suzanne Mott http://www.kspitbullrescue.com/

Pit Bull MIDWEST PIT BULL RESCUE: web site http://www.pbrc.net/home.html

Pointer (German Short Hair) email: gsprescue@egroups.com

Pomeranian Kristin Roberson 816-792-3192

Pomeranian LL DOG RESCUE: 816-926-0242

Poodle Kim Goodman 1-888-216-5827

Poodle (Standard) Heather Zimmerman 913-661-0329

Pug Anne Alsott 913-764-4748

Pug PRAIRIE PUGS RESCUE http://www.prairiepugs.com Vicki Dressler 785-256-2324

Pug Misty Wilson Brumback 913-385-1510

Pug Jane Braman 785-843-2292

Pug Lisa Ferrell 1-800-833-3311 or 913-685-5994

Rare Breeds Susan Bass 816-796-6444

Rat Terriers (& mixes) Ceci at http://www.americanratterrier.com

Rhodesian Ridgeback Sandy Curtis 913-341-3746

Rottweiler Toni Jensen & Elizabeth Davies 785-887-6762

Saint Bernard Jennifer Spaeth 401-292-2245 or email Saints@turfmen.com

Schnauzer Cindy Stoll 1-620-473-3452

Scottie Nancy McClure 816-322-2740

Scottie Penny Walker 816-358-6632

Sharpei Mary Crafton 816-741-6212 or email Weluvpaws@kc.rr.com

Sheepdog Joan Long 913-385-0362

Sheepdog (Old English) Judy Rickey 913-724-1054

Sheltie Tracy Buck 314-561-3091

Sheltie LL DOG RESCUE: web site at http://www.lldogrescue.org or 816-926-0242, Glenn & Sheila

Shiba Inu Kathy Bucnholz, web site http://www.shibarescue.org or 913-322-6883 or email kathy@modelnetwork.com

Shih-tzu Cindy Stoll 1-620-473-3452

Silky Terrier Mary Estrin 816-942-2427

Spitz Laurel Johnson 913-345-0628

Weimaraner Gail 816-781-0828

Weimaraner Laura Roehrich 913-385-0815

Weimaraner HEARTLAND WEIMARANER: web site at http://www.heartlandweimrescue.org, Rebecca Singleton 816-781-0828

Welsh Terrier Linda Sutton 816-764-4542

Westie (West Highland Terrier) WESTIE RESCUE OF MISSOURI: web site http://www.westierescueofmissouri.com, Elizabeth Schanou 913-302-0514 or email easchanou@hotmail.com

Westie LuAnn Johnson 532-4853

Westie Linda Spitzengel 913-677-2469

Westie OKLAHOMA WESTIE RESCUE: web site http://www.okwestierescue.com, Meredith & Mike Butcher 918-369-1143 or Theresa Stewart 405-330-5889

Whippet Emily Mathis 816-242-2967

Wolf Hybred WILD SPIRIT WOLF SANCTUARY (New Mexico): web site http://www.inetdesign.com/candykitchen, or 505-775-3304 or email candykitchen@worldnet.att.net

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Dorinda Carlson 913-541-8407

Yorkshire Terrier Martha Lewis 913-596-2162

Yorkshire Terrier Susan Zale 913-451-9283

Cat Rescue Groups

Forever Friends Animal League (Kittens, Puppies, Cats & Small Dogs)
http://www.foreverfriendsanimalleague.org/index.html 913-677-FFAL(3325)

Foxwood Animal Rescue http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/MO234.html

Kansas City Siamese Rescue: Also rescue Persian, Himalayan, & Maine Coon Cats http://www.kcsiameserescue.org  Brooke Wood 816-331-9700

Purrfect Pets in Metcalf Mall http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/KS99.html 913-652-6677

Pet Connection http://www.pet-connection.com 913-671-7387

Safe Harbor http://www.safeharborforpets.com/web or 913-634-0646

Second Chance (Kittens, Puppies, Cats & Small Dogs) http://www.2ndchancepets.net 913-814-7471

Siamese Rescue http://www.siameserescue.org/