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Tipsy (left) and Fuzz (right)
(Sept. 1999)
Tipsy was born into the colony, Fuzz started out as a guest & is now part of the colony.  When Fuzz first showed up she was nothing but skin, bones & matted hair.   Look at her now !!

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5 years old
Due to her coloring & shyness we were having a heck of a time getting a really decent picture of her !!  We finally did it tho !!
Dec. 1999

Mystique passed away 2007.  She was an old lady whose eye sight was failing but she was safe, dry & warm with lots of good food.


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Snowy was a big white cat with black ears and tail.  He was trapped, altered & released.  He wasn't having any part of being tamed down.  We haven't seen Snowy since the beginning of summer '99.  We're hoping he'll come back for a visit someday.


Piff thinks he owns the yard & is the spitting image of Spiffy.
Although difficult to see in this picture, in the background to the far left is Tipsy, Bandit & to the right is Jigsaw. 
Piff disappeared when a tree fell on his home.  A few weeks ago Piff reappeared.   It's real hard telling the difference between Piff & Tiff

(we don't have a picture of Tiff yet  1/1/02)

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May 1999
Tipsy's baby


May 1999
Tipsy's baby

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Orrins baby
April 1999
(first litter)

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