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Meet Orrin, Ms. Personality.  She's cute as a button but one of our more skittish kitties.   (Jemie's daughter)
Orrin disapeared during the summer months, re-appeared for a week & disappeared again.   We're pretty upset about her being missing.  :(

Hi, pleased to meet ya, I'm Daisy.  I am Orrin's brother and just as skittish although my personality is that of being a real sweetie. (Jemie's son)

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pepkid01.gifThese are two of Pepe's kids.  We don't see them too often yet.  They were part of a late litter & we were all concerned that they might not survive the periods of harsh winter that we experience here (sub-zero temperatures & ice storms for weeks at a time) but they seem to be growing up nicely.  The black/white kitty grew up to be Piff.


This is our Pepe.  She's been with us for several years now.  Pepe allows us to actually pet her !!  Okay, actually she now demands to be petted !!


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