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Our utmost sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to the following Company's and individuals for their generosity to WarmFuzzy's and the warmfuzzy's we take care of.  Without your caring and compassion we could not do what we do.

Donor Privacy Policy: WarmFuzzy's will not sell or trade our donors' personal or contact information with anyone else, nor will they send mailings on behalf of other organizations.  We will not post their information on this page unless we have received verbal or written authorization from the donor saying we can.

Gentle Computing - for their contribution of 2 live traps.

Warmfuzzys.net - for their very large contribution of blankets for which we are ever so grateful.

E. Perrin - for her contribution which enabled us to neuter Lazarus.

Mary O'Halloran and Pat Schneider-  for their contributions of kitten and adult cat food on an ongoing basis as well as the money to purchase a safe propane heater for the WF Clubhouse, several throw rugs. 

Haven of the Ozarks      -    took 8 cats to adopt out and have donated a large amount of cat & kitten food.

Anonymous Monetary Donation from Texas.

Dennis & Trish H.  from West Plains, MO have taken 2 mom cats and 9 kittens.  Also donated five bags of cat food.

Lori Hendrickson and Barbara DeGraves - donated 3 tons of kitty litter.

John L., Blue Springs, MO - monetary donation.

Betty S., Windsor, CT - monetary donation.

Anita & Mike R., -  "This donation is in memory of Crickett Harkins who is a good friend and vanner.  She will be missed so very much."

Marjorie M F. - monetary donation.

Sarah K. & associates, - monetary donations, kitten milk replacer donation, disposable litter boxes.

The Pet Connection - Lots Of Cat Food !!

Beacon Books - monetary donation.

WaySide Waifs - Lots of Cat and Dog Food !!

Sharon K. Baseley - monetary donation which enabled us to re-fill our propane tank so our kitties would not freeze.

Joanne Vaughn - monetary donation.

Abby Edwards - monetary donation, sponsoring Gwen

Margaret - electric dryer

Ann Wilson - washing machine

Ray Jones, Karen Jenkins, Dena Picken, Anna Leonard, Melissa Trax, Lisa Kyriacos, Candi Ausman,
Michelle McCaulley, Judy M. Simon, Mary Saragnese, David Plantz, Frog Tales & Fairy Dust, Lynne Pitts,
Katharine Lappin, Gay Balliet, Tony Gonzalez, Sharon Baseley, Barbro Sjotun, Monica Hitt, Wendy Niccoli, Jenny Storaker, Carl Nylund, Marvin Rembo, Julie Brinkman, John Roussin


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