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MALE - Neutered

Yes he is as much a stinker as he looks !!  

Lobos and his sister and another relative were living off the land and the kindness of an elderly lady, on a farm.  He is approximately 10/11 months of age.  He is a real comic, and has decided that he deserves to be petted all the time. Unless he is eating. If there is food, there is Lobos, and he isn't shy about it at all.  That is because he, his sister and other relative had to struggle to eat.   His motivation to food should go away after he has matured some.

He is like a little kid when he plays, it is all out everything, then he crashes into a nap.  Lobos is an adorable little guy, and probably won't get very big.

He is afraid of dogs, and kids, but gets along with other cats by pretending they aren't there.

He is up to date on his shots, and neutered.

Adoption fee : $20.00

If you are interested please contact me at Fuzzy1@warmfuzzys.org or call 816-356-0317.