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Miracle Star will be availabe for adoption in about 1 1/2 weeks.  She has been vaccinated and is set to be spayed next week.

Star was found unconcious by the side of the road, around the Christmas holidays. A school bus driver picked her up and took her to the veterinarian.   He was going to put her to sleep at first, but when he could find no outward signs of injury or trauma, he decided to wait and see.

Star was hospitalized for approximately 3 weeks before she was able to be released.

I call her Miracle Star, because very rarely does a cat survive being hit by a moving vehicle.  She still moves slowly, and has a slight limp. 

She is a wonderful cat, she is calm, she talks to you when she wants something, generally to be petted. She loves to lay on your lap, but at times it is still painful for her in certain positions.

It is painful for her to be picked up, so she does especially enjoy the lap time.

Adoption fee is $25.00

If you are interested please contact me at Fuzzy1@warmfuzzys.org or call 816-356-0317.