Ode To Rescue

A being greater than man created us for life
To live and to love, without pain, suffering or strife
We were sheltered and maybe fed, without love or care
Animals are disposable, our lives filled with despair
No longer wanted or needed, we are abandoned and left behind
To find our way in a world, so cruel and terribly unkind
Hungry, cold and wondering, what comfort we might find
We're placed into a steel box, in a place we do not know
Where muffled voices sadly speak, of the place we are to go
They talk of the time that we have left, how sad and such a shame
To be denied the right to life and love, mankind is who to blame
No feelings or emotions have we, man's wisdom knows so well
Sad, afraid and suffering, wondering who we are to tell
We are here, we live and love and want it in return
Instead we're told by others, our bodies they will burn
Because our lives mean nothing, our loss no one will grieve
To think we feel the pain of loss, no man could possibly concieve

"Everything will be just fine..." soothing words fall on our ears
She pulls us gently from the cage, and strokes our heads and back
As she leads us in fear and disbelief, we are placed upon her lap
Before we know what's happening, she puts our fears at bay
She says she loves us, as she holds us, in her arms we lay
She feels the pain we suffer as she takes us by her hand
Time she takes to make us whole, loving families she will find
Then cries and turns to go

Her presence we will surely miss, this human angel our lives did bless
Who know more than anyone, she's part of a great plan
Then the being that brought us here, the being greater than man.

copyrighted 3/2/2002 Crickett Harkins