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(We will be linking the names to any pictures we have)

Fluffy – Fluffy began the colony that inspired the Warm Fuzzy’s organization.  She was an incredibly well coated black and white female that loved popcorn.  After her owners left her behind in a move, she decided that the home with the most popcorn was the best place to live.  Soon she met the ever so debonair Calico from next door.  By spring, the family was well on it’s way.

Calico – Very true to name he was a colorful cat.  He showed off for Fluffy for about a year before he finally caught her eye.  He lived next door, but his elderly owners found it difficult to take care of him.  Finally they decided to simply lock him out.  Since he and Fluffy were beginning a new family, he moved in too.

Mr. Mistafalees – A very magical cat indeed.  Dressed in a fine grey coat, he was the largest cat in the colony.  He appeared seemingly out of nowhere, but it later turned out that there was a large wild pack of cats in the acres behind Warm Fuzzy’s property.  Having been lured in by good food and good company, he soon fathered a large following of black and grey cats.


Night Stalker (daddy - Mr. Mistafalees)Night Magic (daddy - Mr. Mistafalees)Night Shadow (daddy - Mr. Mistafalees)
Night Ghost (daddy - Mr. Mistafalees)Little OneBlue Eyes
MidnightFanton - Mystique's kidBoots
Star LightSnow WhiteFauna (Calico & Fluffy's second litter, lived 1 1/2 yrs.)
Aziel (Blue Eyes 1st litter)Princess Di - deceasedMonkey - deceased
Sim - deceasedPepper - deceasedCream & Gray Teenager- deceased
Simeon - deceasedHeathcliff- deceasedPuzzles - deceased
Misty - deceasedButtons - deceasedKit - deceased
Nuzzles - deceasedGordito - died at 2 weeks old 
Piff - missingJet - missingSnowy - missing
Bandit - missingPudding (Jemie's kid) - missingOrrin - missing
Prince - missingButterball - missingMr. Socks - missing
Riff- missingTiff- missingJigsaw- missing
Puff- missingRazzle- missing 
Sandi - adopted - deceased
February 2008
Squirt - adoptedCry Baby - adopted
Tang - adoptedSonata - adoptedSprout 2 - adopted
Lain (aka Socks) - adoptedGoldie - adoptedMagellon - adopted
Sprout - adoptedThe 2 Mini-Miracles - adoptedRaven - adopted
Fizz - adoptedFazz - adoptedDarwin (aka Finnegan)- adopted
Spiffy - adoptedPatches - AdoptedFearless Fosdick - adopted
Flick - adoptedFlack - adoptedSoprano - adopted
Lucky - aka Little Kitty - adoptedTwinkie (Dot's kid) - adoptedCallie- Negative - spayed - adopted
Daisy - adopted

Charlie - adoptedLEWIS - adopted
Jemie - Negative - spayed  
April - Negative - spayed - deceasedSimon - Negative - neutered -  deceasedButch - Negative - neutered - deceased
Ash - Negative - neutered - deceasedTwin 1 - Negative - spayed - deceasedTwin 2 - Negative - neutered - deceased
Mystique- Negative - spayed - deceased - 2007Dazzle (Taco's Mom)- Negative - spayed - deceasedChim - Negative - neutered - deceased
Pepe - Negative - spayed - deceasedMorris - Negative - neutered -  deceasedDot - Negative - spayed
Smokey - deceased- FelvPopcorn - deceased- FelvNatasha - deceased- Felv
Owl - deceased- FelvPoof - deceased- FelvStinker - deceased- Felv
Grey 2 - deceased- FelvAmy - deceased- FelvJack - deceased - car accident
Candy - deceased- FelvFuzz - deceased- FelvTipsy - deceased- Felv
Orange & White Kitty - deceased- FelvFuzz baby - deceased- FelvShithead - deceased- Felv
Sunday - deceased- FelvSierra - deceased- FelvGrey 1- deceased - Felv
LAZARUS - deceased - FelvCaramel - deceased- FelvTACO In Memory - deceased- Felv
Tammie - deceased- FelvSunshine - deceased 

Buttons the Pounce Kitty  (Pepe's August '99 baby)  She was killed on January 18, 2000 by a moron who was driving in excess of the speed limit.  We were just recently able to pet her, pick her up and cuddle with her.   Buttons during her short life really touched each of us here and her tragic death has deeply saddened us all. 

There have been more who have passed through our lives and we're trying to remember them all.

(We will be linking the names to any pictures we have)