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provided by Alley Cat Allies,
Best Friends, Feral Cat Caretakers

Dying to Learn - Exposing the supply and use of dogs and cats for higher education.

Discover the truth
about feral cats

Humane Trapping Instructions For
Feral Cats - pdf
How To Conduct Trap
Neuter Return

Traps & Humane
Animal Equipment

Feral Cat Colony
Tracking System
Ear tipping - Feral Cat Identification

Helping Cats & People
To Coexist

Safe Relocation of Feral CatsGuidelines For Relocating Feral
 Cats Into Barns
Caring For
Feral Cats

Feral Cat Feeding
Station #1
Feral Cat Feeding Station and
Shelters #2
Colony Management Guidelines     by Indy Feral
Feral Cat
Winter Shelter

Build An Inexpensive Cat Shelter

Do It Yourself Cat Fence
Tricks of the Trade
Essential Feral Cat Care

How To Talk To Absolutely
Anyone About TNR

Kitten Care - Hand Raising
Orphaned Kittens
How to Domesticate
and Care for
Feral Kittens
Early Age Spay Neuter
Before Adoption

Compassion Is The Way:
The Care & Feeding of Feral Cats
What Can One Person Do?
Building the Body of Scientific Evidence That TNR Works

Community Approaches to Feral Cats: Problems, Alternatives & Recommendations 
Why Feral Cat Eradication
Won't Work
List Of Stuff To
Keep On Hand

To Test or Not To Test

Population Control

Community Assessment and
Planning for the Humane Movement

Starting A Spay/Neuter ProgamFunding Spay/Neuter Programs 
Spay Neuter Programs
Sterilization & Vaccination:
70% or FlunkThreshHold

Getting Ahead of the Game

Starting A Non Profit
Developing Effective
Media Relations

Tracking Our Success

Getting Ready For Them, Finding Them,
Keeping Them

How To Create A GrassRoots
Community Program To
Help Feral Cats
Myths & Questions About
Having Babies
Understanding Cats and PredationFund Raising At The Grass Roots
Marketing A Campaign
For The Animals


Getting to Know Your Local
Community Foundation

A Question of Ethics
How To Organize Your Own Week
For The Animals
Getting Your Paws On More
Money:  Overcoming Fundraising Phobia

Toward A No Kill Nation
To Kill or Not To Kill
Strategic PlanningCoalition Building
Feral Cat Q & A
For Veterinarians

When Not To
Build A Shelter

In The Name Of Mercy

Are We Prepared
To Pay The Price ?



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