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Revolution & Ivermectin:

Australian online pet supplies – Revolution isn't prescription in Australia… and it's way 
cheaper than here in the US!

Revolution extra-large dog 3 vials A$44 (approximately US$25.01 – 3 XL dog vials 
do 15-16 cats or 48 kittens).  (This is a "stripe-on" [applied to the skin, typically 
on back of the neck]like Advantage or Frontline.  It takes much longer to kill fleas -- 
up to a couple of days -- but is also fairly effective against ear mites.)  I use .125 cc 
for cats and kittens [at least 6 weeks old] weighing up to 5 pounds, .375 cc for cats 
over 5 pounds and up to 15 pounds.

Shipping is typically A$7 (approximately US$3.98) unless you order quite a bunch 
of stuff!  Orders typically arrive (in the Pacific Northwest) in about 9 days.  
(People on the US East Coast have reported even faster arrival.)

To figure your actual cost in YOUR currency at the time you're ready to order, there 
is an unrelated web site with a very handy currency converter at:

available from:
Item #26601 is 1% solution, item #26604 is .27% solution (which I prefer, easier 
to measure accurately as I'm dealing with such tiny doses for cats).

This is what your typical feral cat s/n clinic (such as the one you see info about 
at http://www.feralcat.com) uses for ear mites.  Though it isn't USDA approved 
for use on cats at ear-mite-killing dosage, such use by vets use is considered 
"common and accepted practice."

The advantages are cost (you can't buy less than US$39 worth, but it will 
probably last you forever, since that's enough to do *hundreds* of cats), 
effectiveness, and the fact that, as a bonus, it also kills roundworms, 
hookworms, and some other kinds of mites.

Disadvantages include: it's administered as an *injection* (subcutaneous); dosage 
MUST be carefully -- and accurately -- calculated; in areas where heartworm is 
an issue, a heartworm-infested cat could be at considerable risk as the Ivermectin 
would also kill the heartworms (sounds like a good thing, but killing an existing 
heartworm infestation can be a VERY risky business!); toxic even at recommended 
dosages to some breeds of DOGS (as with ANY medication, there is always the 
possibility of individual cats also being hypersensitive).

For dosage information and cautions, consult "The Pill Book" -- then after 

Shipping is free from KV Vet if your order is $40 or over.  $5 service charge if order 
is under $40.  I don't know what Revival's minimum order and shipping charges are.

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