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Arnica Flower

The arnica flower grows on mountains all over the world and
has been used from ancient times.

The medicinal qualities of arnica deal with trauma and its effects
either current situations or remote.  Trauma in all forms, mental,
emotional and physical have been shown to be aided by arnica.

The arnica flower is the part used in our Pre/Post Heal for pets
to reduce pain and the mental anguish caused by physical injury.

This herbal remedy also might be recommended for an animal
with severe emottional distress such as fear of a person or
another animal coming close to it.  Or for one that appears
to have a deep fear of almost everything.  Certainly this is not
normal behavior and the poor little animal needs as much
help as Mother Nature can provide.

Personally we have used Pre/Post Heal on an ostrich who
was dancing and severely twisted an ankle.  He was not
only in severe pain, but he instantly became fearful of the
two females that were in the pen with him. Prior to his
accident, he was the "tough guy" in the pen and now he
was mentally as well as physically in a bad state.

He was administered 1/2 dropper full on the skin on his
back every ten minutes until he calmed down.  After three
doses, he was completely calmed down enough for the
vet to check out his foot.  Unfortunately his ankle could
not be fixed correctly, but it did heal in a short time and
he then walked and danced with a limp.  We gave him
the Pre/Post Heal four to five times daily for a good two
months.  In two months he was back to being the
"tough guy" again, so we knew he was well!

Several customers have used the Pre/Post Heal for their
pet's traumas and surgery situations and they do heal
faster.  Additionally the pain from the situation is
lessened with this wonderful herbal remedy.

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