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Spay NeuterFerals Everywhere
By Nathan Winograd
Declawing - brief overview

Declawing - in depth

Declawing Informational Links
General Cat CareHolistic InformationFeline Leukemia
Fact SheetsLitterBox Problems 
List of Poisonous Plants Emergency Pet Preparedness

            Home Cooked Food Recipe For Your Pet

Kitten Care
          Basic Kitten Care

          NeoNatal Kitten Care
          Hand Raising Orphaned Kittens

The Geriatric Cat


Pyrantel Pamoate (you are probably used to hearing it called "Strongid") for less than a dime US per cat dose, Panacur for a buck or two (US) per dose, and a "Drontal"-equivalent for about $2.50 [US] per tablet.

Revolution & Ivermectin

Wormers for Tapeworms


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