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The Fennel Herb

The herb Fennel (Faeniculum vulagare) is considered to
be a native of the Mediterranean region, primarily Italy,
and is now cultivated world wide.

The dried seed is the part that is most commonly used
for foods and what we use in our products dealing
with digestive system disorders.

The medicinal quality of fennel includes aiding mild
gastro intestinal troubles, as an aid in treating flatulence
and in aiding over-all digestion.  Additionally fennel
has been known to treat upper respiratory conditions.
The oils in fennel have been shown to have a microbial

Fennel is used in many foods, meats, baked goods
and in certain expensive liqueurs.  Most all Italian
sausage contains fennel which gives it its distinctive
flavor and pleasant taste.

The remedies for which we use the herb fennel deal
with digestive problems in a cat.  We have found that
sprinkling powdered fennel, along with psyllium and senna,
mixed in with gravy on your cat's food can help prevent a
kitty from straining and/or constipation and/or flatulence
and/or hairball problems and help clear out the digestion
system of old dried toxic waste and debris.  Thus the
herbs indeed can aid with gastro intestinal disruption. 
This remedy we call Hairball P Supplement.

If your cat is experiencing flatulence, constipation,
hairball complications, dry feces causing fissures and
fistulas conditions, please go to this page to help your
best little friend.

We thought you might like to know.

Yours for excellent cat health,

The Team
(712) 644-3535