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Aren't feral cats too wild to tame?

In all but the most extreme cases, feral cats can be re-domesticated. This takes time and caring. Unlike the lion or puma, the house cat has been a domestic animal for centuries. Feral cats are a bi-product of a dysfunctional society. Just because some people are dysfunctional, doesn't mean that we all have to be.

Feral cats can fend for themselves, can't they?

Like any other animal, a feral cat needs food, water, shelter and medical attention. Understand that many feral cats used to be someone's pet. They had someone to feed and care for them. After being able to depend on others, the feral cat is now left to deal with the elements alone. Not many of us would fare well under those circumstances.

Try feeding a feral in need and you might find you have a friend for life, not because the cat is a mooch. The cat will greatly appreciate any love and attention you will give it. That's a normal response, isn't it?


Isn't it more merciful to put a feral cat to sleep?

It is never a good solution to terminate a life when we no longer want to deal with it, especially when that life's complications have been caused by someone else. Consider the possibilities that it is more merciful to love someone, realizing that love may be the only solution to their problem. On one hand you have love. On the other hand, you have death. The choice isn't that difficult when you look at it that way, does it?


I care for 100 feral cats.  Is that too many?

100 cats is too many to be caring for. You are concerned about a problem and not tending to the cause. You should consider the following actions.

  • Have the cats spayed/neutered so they don't keep reproducing.
  • Tame the cats and find them homes. There are many people who would gladly adopt an animal that was rescued from a bad situation.
  • If your colony is larger than what is considered publicly acceptable, work with other organizations for assistance in managing your situation. Left unattended, your situation will only get worse. Public opinion is against the "Cat Lady" syndrome. People who appear to be collecting cats do more harm than good. They cannot effectively lobby for public awareness.
  • No matter how many feral's you are caring for, you should have a plan. The addage is true, "Failure to plan is planning to fail." You're not doing the animals any good if you are not responsible. A simple situation can easily become unmanageable.