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Flax Seed

Flax is an ancient herb that comes from the Mediterranean.  This herb
has been used to make breads and other culinary pursuits for centuries.

The oil from flax has omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid properties that have
been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  One of our mothers
here has found that eating organic oatmeal containing flax seed two or 
three times weekly combined with three to six gel capsules of flax seed
oil daily has brought her dangerously high cholesterol reading to normal.
Her regiment took her four weeks and she has maintained her good
readings and new good habit.

Flax seed is one the ingredients that is used in our products of  Digestive/Bowel
Aid for dogs, Botanical Bird Food and Impacted Bird Herbal for birds, and
Hairball P for cats and rabbits.

Flax seed contains mucilage (fiberous and expansive) properties which
help with digestion and colon/elimination problems helping save an older cat's
dignity. Flax seed is a good source of B vitamins, protein and zinc.

Additionally flax seed promotes, nails, bones, teeth and healthy gums due
to it gelatinous properties.  If a cat has gum and teeth problems, flax seed
would be an excellent additive to its diet in order for the body to have the
ingredients to repair itself.

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