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Fleas, Mites, Worms & Cats

Lately several people have called or emailed asking us if we know how to eliminate worms, fleas, ticks, mites, or giardia without using Frontline, Advantage or flea collars. 

The answer is yes, of course.  There are and have been natural alternatives to toxic chemicals for a good long time.  First and foremost, tho, it is important to know that these parasites tend to attack a cat that is not healthy.  A cat that has a weakened immune system or a cat that has been subjected to chemicals via its environment, vaccinations, and even its unwholesome food is prone to being infested with fleas, mites and worms.

We have seen time and time again that "clean" (free from toxicities) cats have an innate ability to thwart an infestation of parasites, that healthy cats actually repel parasites from their strong body. 
What we use for all our animals for exterior parasites like fleas, mites and ticks is a powdered substance sprinkled generously on our pets two or three times a week during the worst parasite season is Worm-Out.   In addition to sprinkling this on our pets, we also sprinkle it in and around the places where our pets like to lounge.

To further help with any type of flea or mite infestaion, we sprinkle Worm-Out all around our house including on the carpets and let it just stay there for as long as necessary to get control of an infestation or to prevent an infestation.

Tape worms are a direct result of fleas, so it is vitally important to eliminate those fleas as quickly as possible.  Worm-Out can certainly help in this endeavor.

As an adjunct to helping keep our cats completely free of parasites, we also use Parastem in our cat's water dishes.  We use 20 drops per gallon of water and administer this for thirty days every other month.  Parastem has been shown to help eliminate heart worms and  keep cats free of heartworms by following the above regiment.

Plus Parastem helps eliminate protozoa problems such as giardia.
Coupling Parastem in the pet's water with Worm-Out on the pets body and in the cat's food, has been shown to keep a cat parasite-free while NOT poisoning its little body.  Poisoning a cat's body causes renal failure, kidney failure, eye problems, digestion problems, arthritis problems and on and on health problems. There definitely is a better way.  

For more information go to this discussion:    http://www.petmedicinechest.com/feline/discussions/parasitestext.asp  

To help our customers keep their cats safe and healthy and parasite free, we are featuring Worm-Out and Parastem in a special savings for the next few days.  Please go to this page on our website to help your kitty and your pocketbook too:     

Best regards,
The Team