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We have been using flower essences in the water (we also use purified water) at our no kill shelter which houses 90 cats for the past year and a half.  Some of our residents have been with us since we opened the shelter 3 years ago, and probably will live out their lives with us.  We are a free roaming shelter - we only isolate ill cats and new arrivals, otherwise large cozy cages, (which we call their private apts) are available to those of our residents who prefer privacy, to those who will argue at night when we caretakers aren't around to break it up.


We received a large supply of flower essences, books and instructions on how to prepare them for different applications.  We devised a preparation for depressed cats ie cats who have lost the will to live after being surrendered by their owner (this is very common in a shelter environment); we have another mixture for aggressive cats to help them live more harmoniously with the other cats in our shelter; and we have a general mixture for the general population to help them adjust to living in a group setting with other cats, reduce fear and anxiety and to help them lose attachments to the past so they can start their new lives fresh.  


We find the flower essences work wonders and would never be without them!  I have case after case I could cite, about how dying cats or aggressive cats were turned around; but I don't want to get into all that here.  We just know the essences do help.  My question though is twofold:  the right way to mix them to get the optimum benefit from their usage and the proper dosage.  The person who donated them to us told us to use three drops of each essence we desire into a small bottle (the little dark brown ones with the dropper) and never use more than three essences in any one mixture and always use Larch in every mixture; then add three drops of brandy, and fill the bottle with distilled water.  We were taught to add three drops to any size water bowl, but we have been adding more to the large community water bowls, because they're bigger.  We operate on volunteer power and I want to be sure we train everyone correctly.  I know it's not a science and they have been working for us; but would your opinion on dosage and mixing.


Dr Rose DiLeva’s response:

Flower essences are dilute extracts of different types of flowers and tree buds that are used to treat behavioral and physical problems in both animals and people.  They are thought to effect the psychological aspect of the

I frequently use the Bach Flower Essence, Rescue Remedy, in my office. It can have effects that result in a calmer pet, a less stressed pet. The other flower essences I use are Anaflora Flower Essences for animals.  They have formulas that focus on Bereavement, Special Stress, Loneliness, Harmony, Tranquility, Recovery Remedy, St. Francis Formula for Injured Birds, Aggression, Relocation, Calm Kitty, Service Animals, Pound Puppies & Kittens, too!, Good Dog!,  Senior and Fur and Feather. A few drops in fresh filtered water is all that
is required. I don't believe how these formulas exactly work has been documented yet, but I have seen them have positive effects in some cases under certain circumstances.  I cannot comment on the preparation or dosage of flower essences.

Someone was very kind to have donated such a wonderful gift. Best of Luck! 


Dr Randy Kidd’s response:

Glad to see you’re using the flower essences.  I think they are the perfect thing for what has to be a major problem with any shelter operation – emotional upset and imbalance. 


The way you’re dosing sounds good to me.  The great thing about the flower essences (and homeopathic remedies) is that we are using the essence/spirit/energetic/or-whatever of the remedy … so dosages aren’t important as they are with western medicine drugs.  In fact, there are some of us who believe that the larger the container you put the essence in, the more chance the energy has to expand.  Sounds crazy, but the fact that they work at all is considered crazy by some.


Three (or I’ve also heard 5) remedies is probably enough in any one mixture. 

Alternative methods of application include:  Make up your mix as you’ve said; put a few drops of this “mother” mix into a small spray container eg a flower spritzer works well, add a few ounces of distilled water – then spritz over any animal that seems to need more than a usual dose.  (I’ve seen this work on ANGRY, WANT TO KILL YOU horses – calming them down after a few applications, given a few minutes apart.)  Also might think about using the mix in an aromatherapy aerosol – plug in and let it flow – cold even run it overnight.  Incidentally, lavender, used as an aromatherapy application, has been proven to be calming for pond dogs – decreasing the frequency of barking. 


I like your use of Larch.  Are you using walnut – for adapting to change?  I think most animals, whenever they are moved or disrupted from their normal family environment, go though an emotional crises related to the changes.