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Licorice Root

Besides being a delicious candy, licorice root has been used
for medicinal purposes for centuries in China, India and North
America.  Licorice is native to both the Eastern and Western
world in the warmer temperate climates.   

Hippocrates liked licorice root for its sweetness and its ability
to alleviate thirst at the same time.

The medicinal properties of licorice are many and varied.  In fact,
the Chinese herbalist used licorice in most of their preparations
as it was known as a "harmonizing" herb---one that facilitates
the body to absorb the other herbs in a preparation. 

Licorice has expectorant qualities, as well as soothing, demulcent
qualities thus its inclusion in cough drops, cough syrups, lozenges. 
It also helps with stomach conditions including heartburn.

In China licorice is used for the treatment of gastric ulcers. bronchial
asthma, infectious hepatitis, malaria, diabetes and dermatitis.

In North America, licorice root is used in inflammatory disorders
like arthritis, skin diseases like dermatitis and liver disease.

Licorice is used in our Arthritis Supplement because of its
assistance with inflammation and with its ability to assist in
stimulating the immune system and its harmonizing abilities
of blending glucosamine, CMO, MSM, yucca root, turmeric,
alfalfa and our other herbs in this arthritis remedy.

For a more detailed discussion about feline arthritis go to this link
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We thought you would like to know.

Yours for excellent cat health,

The Team