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Papaya fruit comes from a tree native to the tropical part of the American

The medicinal qualities of papaya deal with the digestive system.  The digestive
enzyme--papain--contained in papaya is known to aid in the digestion of proteins,
carbohydrates and fats which can then be absorbed in the small and large intestines.

For this reason, papaya is included in our Hairball P Supplement, Impaction Preventor,
and Digestive Bowel Supplement.  The papaya helps breaks up the blockage and
then the fiborous herbs of flax, senna, fennel, pysllium and aloe will pull the debris
on through and out of the system.  For an older animal, this supplement might be
used three to five days a week to help keep the animal more regular and maintain
their dignity. 

For animals who are under-going a de-toxing program (cleaning of their blood, or
removing metal fragments from the gut), we highly recommend using the above
product because the fibers will help absorb the toxic substances while also helping
to quickly remove them from the body, thus speeding up the cleaning process.

Papaya contains a very high vitamin C content and a high content of silicon.  Dried
papaya is wonderful during our winter months to help fortify the immune system.

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