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Unless otherwise stated, consider all parts of the plant to be poisonous.  Plants are listed by their common names.

Agave (leaves) Cornstalk Plant Indian Rubber Plant  Poison Oak
Aloe Vera Amaryllis(bulbs)  Crocus Iris Poke Weed
Apple (seeds) Croton  Ivy (Boston & English
Poppy(for rabbits)
Apple Leaf Croton Crown of Thorns Jack-in-the-Pulpit   Potato (green)
Apricot (pit) Cuban Laurel Janet Craig Dracaena Pothos
Asparagus Fern  Cutleaf Philodendron Japanese Show Lily  Precatory Bean
Autum Crocus(especially rabbits)  Cycads Jerusalem Cherry Primrose
Azalea Cyclamen   Jimson Weed (Locoweed)  Privet
Baby’s Breath Cypress Surge Jonquil Ranunculus
Barilla     Daffodil (bulb) Kalanchoe  Red Emerald
Belladonna (especially rabbits) Daphne  Lacy Tree Philodendron  Red Maple
Bindweed (especially  rabbits) Deadly Nightshade  Lamb’s Quarters Red Princess
Bird of Paradise (seeds)  Delphinium  Lantana (seeds) Red-Margined Dracaena
Bittersweet Devil’s Ivy Larkspur Rhododendron
Black Locust (Seeds)  Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) Lily-of-the-Valley  Rhubarb (leaf stem)
Black Nightshade   Dieffenbachia Locoweed (Jimson weed)  Ribbon Plant
Bloodroot    Dracaena Palm Lupine Rosary Pea (Seed)
Bluebell (especially rabbits) Dragon Tree Madagascar Dragoon Tree Saddle Leaf Philodendron
Blue-green Algae  Dutchman’s Breeches Marble Queen Sago Palm
Boxwood (leaves/twigs) Easter Lily (Especially cats) Marijuana Satin Pothos
Bracken Fern   Eggplant (plant) Mayapple    Schefflera
Branching Ivy Elaine  Mexican Breadfruit  Sensitive Plant
Buckeye (seeds)  Elder (especially rabbits) Milkweed  Silver Pothos
Buckthorn (berries) Elderberry (unripe berries) Miniature croton   Skunk Cabbage
Buddhist Pine Elephant Ear  Mistletoe (berries) Snow-on-the-Mountain
Buttercup (leaves especially rabbits) Emerald Feather  Monkshood Spotted Dumb Cane
Caladium Ergot    Morning Glory (seeds)   Star-of-Bethlehem
Calla Lily (Rhizome) European Bittersweet  Mother-in-Law’s Tongue String of Pearls
Castor Bean (Seed) Fiddle-leaf Fern   Mountain laurel Striped Dracaena
Celladine (especially rabbits) Florida Beauty Mustard (root)  Sweet Clover
Ceriman Flowering tobacco  Narcissus Sweet Pea (seeds)
Cherry (seeds, wilting Leaves)  Foxglove (especially rabbits) Needlepoint Ivy  Sweetheart Ivy
Chinaberry Tree Fruit Salad Plant  Nephytis Swiss Cheese Plant
Chinese Evergreen Geranium   Nicotiana  Tansy
Chokecherry  German Ivy  Nightshade Taro Vine
Christmas Rose Giant Dumb Cane Oaks Thorn Apple
Cineraria   Groundsel Oleander Tiger Lily (especially cats)
Clematis  Glacier Ivy Onion    Tomato Plants (green fruit stems, leaves)
Climbing Nightshade Gold Dust Dracaena Oriental Lily Tree Philodendron
Cocklebur   Golden Pothos Peace Lily  Tropic Snow
Common Nightshade  Halogeton Peach (wilting leaves, pits)    Virginia creeper (berries)
Cone Flower Heartland Philodendron  Pencil cactus Water Hemlock
Cordatum  Hemlock (especially rabbits) Philodendron  Weeping Fig
Corn Plant  Holly (berries)  Pigweed  Western False Hellebore
  Horsechestnut (nuts) Plumosa Fern   White Snake Root
  Horse Nettle  Poinsettia (low toxicity) Wild Bleeding Heart
  Hurricane Plant  Poison Hemlock   Wisteria (seeds/pods)
  Hyacinth Poison Ivy  Yew (berries)

 Additional plants not listed above:

 Amaryllis                                  Day Lily  

Death Camas                          Easter Lily                      

Iris (rhizome)                           Tulip (bulb)