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We have had so many people contact us about bringing their most cherished furry companion back to robust health, that we will discuss "How to restore your cat back to health by using Mother Nature's herbs and botanicals".

With today's increasingly toxic environment, more and more of our pets are suffering unusual and difficult health problems.  Our theory as to why this is happening with much more frequency, is because of the amount of and the lethal mixture of all the chemicals in the cats environment.  This includes not only the cats food, but the collars that are placed around their necks to ward off fleas, as well as the
cleaning and cooking activities that go on in the average American home.

These toxins cause an overload of toxins in your cat's body.  The cat's liver and kidneys are the main filtering mechanisms within the body.  Once the liver and kidneys are overloaded and can no longer clean the blood, then many confusing and supposedly inexplicable health problems will

Several of our customers have been told to take their pet home and keep it comfortable for the next few weeks until it passes on because "there is nothing more that we can do".  Others have been advised to
put their precious cat down because "there was nothing more that can be done".  Still others who did not want to part with their most cherished little companion continued to seek medical advice for their
pet at a tremendous financial and emotional cost.  Others called us.  The following de-tox formula is what we would recommend in an attempt to restore the cat to good health:

First, we recommend detoxing the cat's liver and kidneys by using Hemotox--removes chemicals and Metaltox---removes heavy metals.  These proprietary products were developed specifically for cats
diagnosed with liver and kidney problems.  Both Hemotox and Metaltox are a natural liquid detoxing formula and are administered directly in the cat's mouth several times daily for two to three weeks. Then three to four times daily for another four to six weeks or as long as is necessary in 2-3 week cycles with a rest of 2-7 days between cycles.

Hemotox and Metaltox can also be put in the cat's food and/or water three to four times a day as well.  Metaltox and Hemotox will gently draw the toxins into the intestines where they are eliminated via the
feces and urine.  This complete detoxing process normally takes four to six weeks.  However, most people see improvement in their cat's health within as little as a week.  We also recommend this detoxing be done every six months to insure their cat's continued well being.

Second,  and done simultaneously, is to restore the flora that has been destroyed by the usual prescribed antibiotic use during this very stressful time of blood tests, biopsies, and other physical
examinations in order to determine what is causing the cat's ill health.  The over-use of antibiotics alone has been known to kill cats and kittens.  How?  By killing ALL the flora (bacteria) in the gut, thus
causing the cat to be unable to fully absorb the nutrients you are so desperately trying to give it.  In many cases, the gut will shut down completely and the cat will literally starve to death in spite of the food you are giving it.

In order to restore the gut to its proper flora balance, we have a very powerful natural product that has been used in Europe in the pet business since 1874.  It is called ProBac Adult or ProBac Kitty
and consists of 20 Billion Colony Forming Units of good bacteria.  It is in powdered form and is mixed with the food and water and if necessary should be put down the ailing cat's throat with an eyedropper.  ProBac not only restores the gut, but it stimulates the appetite and aids in rebuilding the immune system. 

Third, and equally important step that needs to be taken if your are going to restore your cat to excellent health is to rebuild the suppressed immune system, for the immune system is the system that does the healing in the body.

Our consultants formulated a combination herbal remedy product for the purpose of quickly boosting the immune system in cats.  This proprietary liquid product is called Systemajuv and is administered right along with the ProBac Adult or Kitty and Hemotox and Metaltox in the same manner as the Hemotox and Metaltox.

Systemajuv needs to be administered daily for at least 60 days along with the ProBac and Hemotox and should be able to be eliminated within four to six weeks as the body will most likely be cleared of toxins at this point.

For the next several weeks,then, it is best to continue ProBac and Systemajuv daily to insure your cherished little companion is now safely back to excellent health.

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