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Tumeric Herb            

Tumeric is a perennial herb of the ginger family and is a major
component of curry powder and mustards.  Chinese medicine
has used tumeric as a antioxidant for years.

Chinese Medicine used this herb's medicinal qualities for aiding
conditions of the liver, digestive menstrual difficulties, bloody
urine, toothache, bruises and sores.

American herbalists have used turmeric as an anti-inflammatory
agent to treat hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, bruises,
and colic.  More recently tumeric is being used to rid the colon
of parasites and yeast infections.

Pet Medicine Chest uses tumeric in our Arthritis Supplement
remedy for its anti-inflammatory medicinal qualities. 

For a more detailed discussion about arthritis and cats, go here:

By the way, Crystal uses tumeric in her grandmother's (age 87)
homemade corn relish recipe.  This is the most wonderful corn relish
and she cans about 25-30 pints every year from the organic corn
grown here.  Think she is healthy or what?

We thought you might like to know.

Yours for excellent cat health.

The Team