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Valley Fever. 

Valley Fever is a very serious toxicity condition that has been known to
kill many animals of all species in the Arizona area.  Valley Fever is a deadly
compilation of toxic chemicals that flood the atmosphere.  All living creatures
in that area breath in these chemicals of course.  Ultimately these chemicals
end up falling to the ground where the little animals walk and now it gets further
absorbed into their little bodies.  Dogs are especially prone to this malady
because they have to spend so much time outside doing their business. 

Arizona people label it as Valley Fever.  In other areas of the country it is
known as smog.  Whatever the label, it is ultimately a serious health problem
for animals first and people second.

To save pets in this area, our solution-----
   1.  Clean the body of these toxic chemicals with Hemotox and Metaltox.
   2.  Boost the immune system with Systemajuv and ProBac Adult.

   1.  Cleans the filtering organs--helping the liver, kidneys and lungs.
   2.  Clears up skin problems at their origin.
   3.  Solves ongoing skin, kidney, liver and allergy problems at their origin.

Wishing your pet health and happiness.

The Team