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Wormers for Tapeworms

"Generic equivalents" to -- which is to say, same active ingredients as -- "Droncit" and "Drontal," for 50 cents to $2.50 US per dose


Australian online pet supplies – (generic) Droncit and (generic) Drontal aren’t prescription in Australia… and the Droncit-quivalent, in particular, is way cheaper than the "brand-name" wormer is here in the US!

“Tapewormer” tablets (same active ingredient as Droncit) 10 tablets A$17 (approximately US$9.66 – 10 tablets do 20 cats up to 11 pounds each).

“Popantel for Cats” tablets (same active ingredients as Drontal) 10 tablets A$39 (approximately US$22.17 – each tablet worms one 11 pound cat for tapes, rounds & hooks – need to re-worm 1-2 weeks later to break the rounds’ life cycle though!) Note: this is actually a little MORE of the two active ingredients than is found in "Drontal for Cats and Kittens" -- the "Popantel" does about a pound more worth of cat.

Shipping is typically A$7 (approximately US$3.98) unless you order quite a bunch of stuff! Orders typically arrive (in the Pacific Northwest) in about 9 days. (People on the US East Coast have reported even faster arrival.)

To figure your actual cost in YOUR currency at the time you're ready to order, there is an unrelated web site with a very handy currency converter at:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Popantel"/"Drontal" wormers have as their main claim to fame the fact that they kill rounds, hooks AND tapes. However, remember two things:
1) While it's not necessary to RE-worm for tapes *unless* the cat gets RE-infested by ingesting the tapeworm's intermediate host (usually a flea) again, the cat CAN be reinfested even by ingesting a DEAD flea. Get rid of the fleas FIRST before you worm for tapes (whether you're using the "Popantel" OR the "Tapewormer" tablets!)
2) If you use the "Popantel" in order to get all the worms at once, it *IS* necessary to RE-worm for roundworms after 7-10 days. The timing is critical in order to break the worms' life cycle.
Given these two facts, I prefer to treat incoming cats immediately with a flea treatment (such as Frontline) and Pyrantel Pamoate, re-worm with Pyrantel Pamoate 7-10 days later, then worm for tapes a week or two, even, after that. However, using "Popantel" instead of the *second* round of Pyrantel Pamoate would be a viable compromise, especially if you've been able to brush the cat to get the dead fleas out of the coat.


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