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In this newsletter we are going to discuss how to rid your kitty of
worms and other pests SAFELY without using chemicals by using--WORM-OUT.
For many years, we have used a natural powdered product which is mined from a millions and millions of years old glacial deposit of fossilized diatoms.  Diatoms were one celled microscopic algae whose walls consist of two parts and contain a mineral called silica.  Organic farmers have used this product to rid the animals on their farm of a whole host of internal and external parasites for years and years.  Under a very strong microscope, diatoms have very sharp edges that when the parasite ingests the diatom, it will cut the insides of the parasie and it will die.  Then your pet will pass the dead worm through and out its digestive system via the feces.
We recommend stirring Worm-Out into your cat's soft food at approximately 1/8 teaspoon per cup of food daily for three to four weeks.  This will rid your cat of the worms that already exist and the worms that develop from the larvae in fourteen to twenty-one days.  This way you can be sure you are getting all the internal worms.
If one wants to get rid of fleas or fur mites without using dangerous chemicals, then sprinkle the powdery Worm-Out on your cat without worrying about damaging your cats liver.  Additionally, when your cat
grooms itself, it will ingest some of the Worm-Out and you will get a two-for-one result.  Your cat will de-worm itself and get rid of fleas and mites at the same time.
As an excellent bonus, you cat will be getting the benefit of trace minerals in its diet just from ingesting this natural glacial deposit.
We have been asked many times, "does this get rid of heart worms?".   Frankly heart worm is a "worm of a different color" and we are hesitant to offer our recommendation to the general public about this
parasite.  We recommend you follow your own thinking or the thinking of your veterinarian regarding heart worms.
However, what we do with our top quality show cats is never to give them any chemicals for heart worm or anything else.  We have always used Worm-Out and to date have had zero problems with heart worm.  Having a very healthy cat with a very strong immune system helps in this respect.  A strong healthy cat will throw off parasites with assistance from Worm-Out we have found.  You need to use your own judgment in this area.
One thing we know for certain--you can use Worm-Out every single day of the year to help keep parasites at bay without any dangerous side effects happening to your little friend.  That would be "over-kill", but it can be done if one desires.  Try using a chemical recommended by your conventional veterinarian every day of the year and see how long your little friend will last.  Worm-Out is not dangerous to your pet.
Get rid of worms, fleas, mites naturally not chemically and preserve your cat's health by preserving its liver.
Are flea collars safe?  No.  Flea collars are an extremely toxic chemical that is lethal to you and your cat.  You need to pay really close attention to the damage this product will do to your cats liver.
Get rid of fleas naturally and effectively with Mother Nature's bounty and protect your cat's life.  Toxins will surely kill your cat at a young age.  Start asking other cat owners and you will hear horrible tales of toxic poisoning.  It is terrible.
All of the products we have available at the Feline Medicine Chest have been developed because of a need to have an answer to chemical toxins to restore and maintain your kitty's health.  For the past
fifty years, the general public has been taught that there is no other way than the chemical way to health.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Try the non-chemical approach and see for yourself.
Worm-Out is available in three different sizes and costs:
              2.5 ounces ........$10
               20 ounces ........$20
               48 ounces ........$30

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