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Your Powers of Observation

One of the keys to keeping our pets healthy is our own power of
observation of our pet's behavior.

We Americans are a busy lot and are running faster and faster just
to keep the wolf away from the door.  In so doing, lots of us lose
perspective of what really does count--our family and our pets.

The holistic approach to pet health is to prevent problems before
they get started.  All of you know how we recommend good
home cooked or raw food and boosting the immune system.

Still, there are times when a little guy or girl just isn't up to par just
like we people experience from time-to-time.  If you catch these
less active days of your pet early, by keen observation, you might
be able to short circuit a problem by a quick boost to the immune
system with healing herbs and probiotics. 

Suppose you do treat your little patient with herbs and probiotics
and the little one still is not responding.  Provide that good clean
wholesome nutrition we have talked about and up the frequency
and amount of herbs you are giving.  If your little patient still isn't
responding right, better take your pet to a vet for a thorough exam.

Experience has shown that taking the time to closely observe your
little pal's normal daily habits can give you a "heads up" on potential
health problems. 

Just a thought that might hit home!!

Yours for excellent pet health,

The Team