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Yucca Root

Yucca is native to the Southwestern part of the United States primarily
in the Mojave Desert and Mexico.  The Native Americans used the yucca
plant's root as a sudsy shampoo and soap.  Today yucca root is an
ingredient in some natural root beers where it is used to create the foam
when you pour it.  It is also used in natural shampoos for its sudsy effect.

The medicinal qualities of yucca root is known to break up obstructions
such as inflammation in arthritic joints and rheumatism and gout.  Because
of these medicinal qualities this wonderful herb is in our arthritis remedies.
For humans, the yucca root has also been used for helping women cope
with menopausal conditions. 

Research has now shown that yucca helps with stimulating friendly
intestional flora, which in turn aids in the absorption of nutritional
factors and decreases the amount of toxins that may be aborbed from the digestive
system.  There would be less poisons which may build up in the
joints thus causing degenerative diseases like arthritis and rheumatism.
Arthritis is a manifestation of toxic conditions in the body.

Here again, our philosophy of cleaning the blood (de-toxing) and
removing toxins are a critical component of preventing and reversing
arthritic conditions.  Yucca has clearly been shown to help.

For a more detailed discussion about feline arthritis go to this link
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Yours for excellent cat health,

The Team