Adoption Policies


Adoptive homes must keep all cats indoors, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Existing cats within the home must be tested negative for Feline Leukemia.

Existing animals must be up to date on vaccines.

Existing cats in the home must be spayed or neutered.

We strongly disapprove of DeClawing.  It is extremely painful to the cat / kitten.  It throws them off balance and can take months for them to regain their footing.  If by some chance the cat / kitten should get outside it would have no means of defense.  Therefore we insist that No Declawing is permitted, unless a cat comes into the program already declawed.

No cats or kittens given as gifts, however, gift certificates towards an adoption are available.

Applications are good for six months from date of approval, after that time a new interview and vet reference check will be required.

If the cat does not work for you, he or she must be returned to WarmFuzzy’s. Ownership may not be transferred to another owner or shelter.

No kittens to homes unless there is another cat in the house, or they go as a pair, or unless someone is home almost all the time.

No kittens / cats can be placed to homes with large dogs unless they are used to having cats / kittens around.

Kittens and Cats cannot be placed in homes with children under the age of 5.