Feral Cat Goals




Enlist further volunteers 

Create and vote upon a dress code for public interaction 

Assemble brochures:

            -Trapping a Feral

            -Finding the best vet for your purposes

            -Kitten Care

            -Emergency Situations:

                        Injured Feral

                        Fading Kitten Syndrome

                        Emergency Feeding of Feral Kitten

            -Why Feral Eradication Won’t Work

            -Cost Analysis of Eradication VS TNR

            -Welcome to WarmFuzzy's


Print brochures  

Distribute brochures to all members 

Assemble power point presentation:


                        -Feral Colony Management

                        -Networking in your Community

                        -Why Feral Eradication Won’t Work

                        -The Benefits of Owning a Small Colony

                        -Cost Analysis of Eradication VS TNR

                        -Can we keep him? : TNR education for Younger children

                        -Purrrfect Opportunity: Out-lining Volunteer Opportunities                   



                        -This is WarmFuzzy’s, Inc.

                        -Parasites that Plague Pussy Cats

                        -Pesky Pathogens and the Problems they Cause

                        -Kitten Care for the Feral Cat Caregiver

                        -Being a Responsible Neighbor

                        -You Fought the Law: How you can Win         


Upload power points and brochures into a readable format online 

Find suitable locations for public lectures

            I.e.: vet offices, communiversity classes, churches, high schools, etc. 


Enlist further members 

Print and Bind Eight Copies of the Training Manual

          Create subsections and quizzes 

Phone Book:

-Gather names of all shelters, vets, clinics in five county area

-Verify all names and addresses

-Gather pertinent cost information from each location

-Turn all gathered information into an alphabetized, binded phone book

-Request funds for publication

-Distribute book to everyone within organization  

Corporate Resources:

-Write a standardized thank you letter that complies with Federal Law for

accepting donations

-Begin gathering information for all large corporations within five county area

--this includes corporations whom do not have a home office here, but do have outlets, stores, etc in the area

-Gather aforesaid information and make a spreadsheet

-Brainstorm how WarmFuzzy’s can help advertise for corporations

-Begin contacting each of these organizations; gather information as to how each

organization goes about making donations of money/materials

-Begin requesting and collecting all necessary supplies and donations from co-

operating organizations—make donating beneficial for the corporation

-Remember to mail standardized letter to all contributors within 30 days of

receiving donations

-Create standardized request form for use by TNR and Advising group


Grant Writing

            -Search for available grants specifically for Feral Cats/WarmFuzzy’s purpose




Enlist further members

Phone System 

-Create a fixed, rotating schedule for handling calls

-i.e., we have seven volunteers, each volunteer is assigned a day of the week.  On that day, they check the messages and return all messages. 

-Create a standardized form for recording information

-Create a standardized work order for field workers

-Create an online center

                        -each member should have access, the public should not

                        -all information forms and work orders should be posted

                        -one person will be required to monitor these for accuracy

-Create standardized return call form

-an officer of the corporation will have a designated number of individuals back each week to check on customer-service

-This form will be returned to the Board of Directors, it is not a common access document

            -Coordinate start-up date with TNR group       

            -Advertise the call-in number locally and on member websites

            -Begin accepting calls



Enlist members


            -Print more copies of the petition

-All public signature gathering must be done in pairs

            -Stake out public areas for signatures

                        -post office


                        -grocery stores


                        -shelters/veterinarian offices

            *Be sure to recognize and abide by non-solicitation notifications

            -Turn filled in petition sheets to the sub-committee chair

            -Petition sheets must be double checked for completion by designated officer


Goal: Gather 10,000 signatures of voting-age Kansas City, Missouri residents



Enlist Further Members

-Members of this group must be flexible, have adequate time to offer, and infinite patience

-Members of this group must send one delegate to each spay/neuter meeting and report back to this group

            *Participation within the spay/neuter group is a personal decision


Create and Adopt a Dress Code


Create standardized forms

            -Work Performed

            -WarmFuzzy’s Membership Application

            -Resource Order Form


Train Members


            -Emergency Kitten Care

            -Legal liabilities and concerns

            -Customer Service

            -Read and pass quizzes on Training Manual

            -Standardized forms

            -Online operations of Advising Group

Members must be able to view, print, reply, and post their own forms onto the database


Coordinate Start-up date with Advising Group



Operations Proposal


August 2003

Working Toward a More Humane Tomorrow


Vision Statement


            We recognize that WarmFuzzy’s has an extremely large responsibility.  WarmFuzzy’s is committed to stopping the overpopulation of pets in the Kansas City area.  In Kansas City there are a quarter of a million stray cats and it is WarmFuzzy’s mission to eliminate that population humanely and efficiently through education, support, and legislative lobbying.  This mission will be enlarged to encompass the five county area as we move into the future.

            This will be accomplished through the following:

    Education is the single most powerful tool we have to combating
the feral cat situation.  Education outreach programs designed to inform the population about the feral problem, medical issues, legal issues, care giving issues and TNR will be implemented.  Educational programs incorporating technology, take-home information, and resources will be presented at YMCA's, churches, universities, public schools, vets' offices and community centers. WarmFuzzy’s will also handle miscellaneous presentations when adverse entities are threatening extremist action against ferals.

    WarmFuzzy volunteers will work on a rotation basis to
return messages left on the phone system. WarmFuzzy’s will also organize drop-offs of supplies, work to draw in more members from callers, supply needed information, and organize trapping and neutering of ferals.

    WarmFuzzy’s will actively seek out large quantities of litter,
food, medical and care giving supplies which will be used to help care givers throughout the bi-state area in the often expensive and tedious process of TNR and maintenance of feral colonies. WarmFuzzy’s will maintain a list of these individuals and ensure that this is not a one time donation. Through on going support of care givers in the area, we can help encourage the TNR process and be sure that it is not terminated due to financial or emotional stress. WarmFuzzy’s will also secure traps and carriers for the purpose of TNR’ing.

    This group will be hands on and require a great deal of time and
flexibility. This group will consist primarily of field workers who will trap and transport ferals once the Advising committee has set up the appointments with caregivers and veterinarians.  This group will also be required to attend the spay/neuter meetings.

    This group will petition for changes in the legal status of feral caregivers  and focus upon all laws that promote feline feral populations or work against TNR.

WarmFuzzy’s will exhibit to the public a unified group that practices all the rules of etiquette.