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Kitten Handbook

Getting a new kitten can be a fun and exciting thing. However, owning a pet comes with much responsibility. Do you think you're ready to handle taking care of a newborn kitten? If you are looking for help on how to properly care for a newborn kitten, a cat vet, cat veterinarian, kitten vet or feline veterinarian would be the best resources, but the tips below will give you some of the basic information you need to raise and love your new pet!

Raising Orphan Kittens

If you have rescued an orphan kitten from a cat veterinary clinic for cats or the cat doctor in your area, you are doing a wonderful thing. Show the kitten the love and affection they so desperately need.

Recipes For Emergency Kitten Formula

No one can expect to find an abandoned kitten. These recipes for emergency kitten formula are perfect for when the unexpected happens. If your adult cat is expecting a litter of newborn kittens, it would be a good idea to have these ingredients readily available.

The Basics

If you have had cats before, you can always rely upon your regular cats veterinary feline veterinarian for help. If you have never owned a kitten before, taking care of a newborn or orphaned kitten can be a scary thing. These basic tips will teach you how to properly love and care for your new pet.

Keeping Healthy Kittens Healthy (6 weeks to 4 months)

Depending on the age of your kitten, there are specific health concerns and procedures you should follow.

Keeping Healthy Cats Healthy (4 months of age and beyond)

Food Brand Recommendations

Not all kitten and cat foods are created the same. Learn to read the ingredients and chose the brand of cat food that is best for your cat's health.