Strep. is a common bacteria affecting kittens that is often deadly and difficult to detect.


- neonatal kittens: * infected from vaginal secretions or from the mouth of the queen (bites off umbilical cord close to abdominal wall) * organism enters umbilical vein, carried in the bloodstream to a variety of body sites * bacterial develops in liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. * Gross and microscopic abscess formation and death in a week, or so, after birth

*Major cause of fading kitten syndrome

*Often results in pnemonnia.

–juvenile streptococcosis * occurs in young cats during the post-weaning period (2-4 months old) * invades tonsil/local lymphatics of head and neck


The newborn kitten receives 0.25 mi SC of a 1:6 dilution of the procaine penicillian, and their navels/umbilical cords are dipped in a 2% solution of tincture of iodine.