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Every so often I go through a round of phone calls to make sure that nothing has changed in the Kansas City, MO area with regards to Permits or Licensing for maintaining a Feral Cat Colony.

Several phone calls later on October 19 ,1999 I spoke with Kansas City Animal Control Officer Dave Merrick, who is in charge of Special Permits and Licenses.  I explained to him what a Caretaker for a Feral Cat Colony was and what we do.  I was informed that as long as the cats are not living inside your house there is no permit or license required and there are no "Leash Laws" regarding cats.  Should you take in a litter of kittens, for whatever reason, you have till they are 4 months old.  Once the kittens reach the age of 4 months, and should you still have them, you are then required to license them.  You are also required to obtain a Hobbyist or Breeder's Permit/License if you go over the 4 domestic animal limit.

posted October 22, 1999

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