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    Two days ago a mommy cat went into labor on our deck. Bear (our Chow) disturbed her (scared the heck out of her actually) and she took off ... leaving behind her newborn.  We put the newborn in a safe place on the deck hoping mommy would return for him.  She did not and I could not let him die.  Sorry but I don't allow babies to die on my deck.  He was wet, cold & stiff when I brought him in.  I hollered for my daughter Lisa and with the two of us working on the baby brought him back to life.

    Three weeks ago Lisa's gray tabby Sandy was spayed. We suspected she was also pregnant at the time (she was) and having a litter of kittens born in Lisa's room somehow I didn't think was going to go over real big with anyone around here.  After talking to two vets, researching on the internet and reading several cat medical books, I was informed that Sandy wasn't any too likely to be able to produce any milk for this newborn, although Sandy did immediately adopt the baby as her own, unless a miracle occurred. 

Guess what !!  We've got a miracle going on in Lisa's bedroom !!


The miracle baby became named Squirt.  He grew into a very healthy pussycat and was adopted out.   Shortly before Squirt was adopted two more abandoned new-borns (found in my car under the brake pedal) came into our and Sandy's life.  They were subsequently named Fizz & Fazz.  Both Fizz & Fazz have since been adopted out. 

To this wonderful miracle story though a little rain must fall.  With the departure of "her" babies Sandy has become seriously depressed and, while now living with Lisa in an apartment with 3 other cats (Raven, Spiffy & Persiphone - all rescued by us), is not doing well at all.  Any hints, tips or clues regarding this situation please email them to Lisa at Fuzzy2@warmfuzzys.org     Thank You.

Update:  Jan 5, 2000 - Sandy appears to be coming out of her depression however she's now grouchy not wanting to play nice with the others.

Update:  Sept. 22, 200 - Sandy, Spiffy & Lisa relocated back in June.  I'm pleased to be able to say that all three seem to be doing well.  Within a few weeks of relocating, Sandy was back to her normal self.