We have had quite a few good things happen to us at WarmFuzzy's and one not quite so good.  The not so good news is that our Jack's kitty passed away.  During his time with us at WF he got to eat well, smell clean air, see the sun shining, and received a lot of love.  He passed away in his sleep.  We will miss Jack's but we know that he is with Crickett Harkins now.

Now for some of the good news.    Some of our kitties can now be seen at the  Purrfect Pets Store located in the Metcalf South Mall at 95th and Metcalf right down the way from the Jones Store on Saturday's from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday's from 12:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

More good news.  Wimbly was adopted !  A wonderful couple drove all the way here from the state of Maryland for him.  Thank you Tammi and John for giving Wimbly a great home to call his own.     Now is that awesome or what !!!! 

More good news.  The WarmFuzzy's CLubhouse has a safe and permament source of heat thanks to an extremely generous donation by Mary Jane O., Pat S. and Beacon's Books !!   It is a Comfort Glow propane heater and the really good thing about this kind of heater is that we could move it to another location  (ie a newer better WF Clubhouse) should it ever be needed to.   The WF Clubhouse only has a small propane tank.   It will not last the entire winter.  This is where all you wonderful people come in - we're going to need donations to get the tank filled.  You can make it out to either WarmFuzzy's or to Wimsatt Propane. 

And more.  WarmFuzzy's is on its way to being a "real" Non-profit company.  It took what seemed like forever to get our non-profit paperwork filled out and sent in.  The State of Missouri now recognizes WarmFuzzy's as a non-profit corporation.  Now we sit and wait to hear back from the IRS. 

Still more.   Sonnet gave birth to 4 babies:  Russell, Jude, Renee & Bob.  Russell, an orange tabby, was adopted last week.  Jude is a female patch tabby (spirited), Rene is a female grey tabby (lover) & Bob is a male black (sweetie).  They have all been altered, received their first set of kitten shots and at $60.00 a kitty it is a great deal !!   Give us a call at 816-529-2281 to adopt these kittens.

Sonnet will be available for adoption as soon the Trash Can Kids have been weaned.  These four little fuzzy babies were found at the age of 3 weeks in a trash can.  There is Bonnie the gorgeous calico, Randy the black baby, Mandi the grey tabby & Sherry who is black, orange & white (very interesting markings).   These little ones will be ready for Christmas and we will even deliver them to you up to and including Christmas Eve.   Upon adoption you will also receive litter and a two day supply of kitten food.    Adoption fee is currently $45.00.  Since they are too young to be altered we are willing to transport them for you to get altered when they come of age (and at a greatly reduced rate too).   Call 816-529-2281 to see and adopt them.

We also have waiting for their forever homes are Cuddles and Flyn.  Cuddles is a female patch tabby who just loves to sit your lap approximately 3 yrs old.  Flyn is a big black Siamese mix lover guy approximately 2 - 2 1/2 yrs old.  We also have Sophie and Sonic.  Two tuxedoe 9 month olds who are filled with energy and love !  All have been altered and are current on their shots.  Call us at 816-529-2281 to visit with them down at the WF ClubHouse.

The WarmFuzzy’s Feral Cat Colony -  now the colder weather is upon us they are spending more time inside.  I figured this would happen however it also means more work for me as I now have more litter boxes to clean.

The petition to get the law changed as to the number limit of animals you are allowed to have if you are a feral cat colony caretaker has been created and signatures are being taken.  The petition is on line.  If you are a resident of Kansas City, Missouri you may print it out, sign it and send it to WarmFuzzy's c/o Lisa Maser, RR #1, Box 50K, Drexel, MO  64742.  We need 5,000 signatures to get it put on the ballot.  Let's get this going.  You can get your family members, friends & co-workers to sign it too !!   Help us to help you to take care of all the warmfuzzy's in the Kansas City area!!!

To make a contribution to WarmFuzzy's you can use the link below, which would be gratefully accepted.   OR you can make it out to and mail it to WarmFuzzy's, RR #1, Box 50K, Drexel, MO  64742.

Please, don't contribute to the unwanted animal population.  Don't contribute to the climbing numbers of animals that are being killed.  Your pet is part of your family, not a disposable item, but a responsibility you chose, treat it as such.   Spay or Neuter your pet !

If you aren't able to adopt, how about being a foster parent while we're trying to find a permanent home for a kitty (or two).  We'll supply the food, you supply your home, kitty litter and love.   Doesn't sound like a whole lot really, now does it ?   But it will mean everything to that kitty.   Come on - tell me you don't have room in your heart or house for a kitty that desperately needs one.  

WarmFuzzy's is a very small group of people working with extremely limited resources and funds.  We need people to adopt these cats to give them a good home, to become foster parents or Sponsors.

To Sponsor one of our WarmFuzzy's:  The first year of sponsorship would cost $10 a month to cover the cost of food, vaccinations & being altered.  Every year thereafter would cost $8 a month for food and yearly vaccinations.  You would receive a picture of the warm fuzzy you choose to sponsor in email (preferably) or US Postal Service along with periodic updates on him/her as well as a Certificate of Sponsorship.  Think about it, then hopefully you will  help save a life. Thank you for supporting our WarmFuzzy's.

Contact PAWS, Inc. at 816-252-2680, Box 16664, Raytown, MO  64133.  They offer certificates for low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations from designated veterinarians.   You can also contact STOPP Animal Clinic on 63rd Street in Raytown at 816-313-7729 or The Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, 311 E. Martha Truman Rd, Kansas City, MO 64137 (located behind WaySide Waif's) 816-765-5401.

Joyce E. Maser-Ellis, Pres.
RR #1, Box 50K
Drexel, MO 64742

Joyce:  816-529-2281
Lisa:     816-529-2275
               Lisa@jem1.com or Fuzzy2@warmfuzzys.org

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