Some of our kitties can now be seen at the  Purrfect Pets Store located in the Metcalf South Mall at 95th and Metcalf right down the way from the Jones Store on Saturday's from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. depending on weather.  (it is an hour's drive one way for us)

This is kitty mating time.   Please help to keep the number of unwanted kittens down by spaying and neutering.    There are many organizations that can help you and they are listed below.   But those of us who do rescuing also need your help.   Most of us are small groups of people who put in hours of caring, call 4 hours of sleep as getting a lot, transporting & have vet bills to pay.  None of us receive any kind of city or government funding.  Maybe some of you have read the articles in the papers about Kansas City MO Animal Control Shelter.  In the last week alone several small rescue groups have gone in and saved numerous dogs from death row.  Do you know that when you take an animal in there; once they go up for adoption they have 5 days to live.   Your tax money hard at work killing perfectly good dogs, puppies, cats & kittens.  Wouldn't you rather have your money go towards saving a life instead of killing ??   In a year's time WarmFuzzy's alone rescued over 150 kittens and cats.  Not one of them was killed but went to a loving home.  Most rescue groups pay for caring for an animal out of their pocket and none of us are wealthy.    Some of us are even unemployed but somehow we keep saving whatever lives we can and it absolutely breaks our hearts whenever we have to tell someone "No, I can't help you now."   One group recently rescued a Seal Point Siamese - she had been shot in the head.   Somehow this beautiful, friendly little girl survived that and now we are all praying that she will survive the surgery she just recently had.   The surgery that one lady is paying for out of her own pocket.   Yes, this is something each and every one of us rescuers do.  The dream that all of us rescuers share is that someday we won't be needed.   Help us by spaying/neutering your pet, trapping a feral cat & getting it vaccinated, spayed/neutered, volunteer to help or make a donation so we can keep on taking care of the warmfuzzy's that are out there.   Let me put one more thing out before you.  WarmFuzzy’s sits on 30 acres.  With enough funding and resources just think of how many animals could be housed here while waiting to find their forever home.  Save a life, don't kill it. 

  • No More Homeless Pets in KC, email info@kcpets.org or call 816-333-PETS.

  • The Pet Connection has traps to rent at an extremely low rate.  They also offer low cost spay/neuter services.   Their number is 913-671-7387 and they are located at the Mission Mall.

  • PAWS, Inc. at 816-252-2680, Box 16664, Raytown, MO  64133.  They offer certificates for low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations from designated veterinarians.  

  • STOPP Animal Clinic on 63rd Street in Raytown at 816-313-7729

    The Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, 311 E. Martha Truman Rd, Kansas City, MO 64137 (located behind WaySide Waif's) 816-765-5401.

WarmFuzzy's Good News:

All of Sonnet's babies have been adopted.  All of the Trash Can Kids have been adopted.  Joseph, a Tuxedo kitten has been adopted however his brother Jared is still needing a home.   Joseph and Jared were found on a Highway scavenging for food.  Jared was the "big brother" and took very good care of Joseph.  Jared is now 14 weeks old and going to be a very large lap kitty.  Give us call at 816-529-2281 to come meet this sweetie.

We have received notification from the IRS recently that they are reviewing our request for 501c3 Tax Exempt Status.

Sharon K. Baseley, Assistant Controller with Transervice, Inc. has been elected to Vice President of WarmFuzzy's Board of Directors. 

WarmFuzzy's Not So Good News:

The WF Club House propane tank is empty.   We need $300 to get it filled.

Still waiting for their forever homes are Cuddles and Flyn.  Cuddles is a female patch tabby who just loves to sit your lap, approximately 3 yrs old.  Flyn is a big black Siamese mix lover guy approximately 5 yrs old.  We also have Sophie and Sonic, two tuxedo 10 month old siblings who are filled with energy and love that were rescued off of Troost !  All have been altered and are current on their shots.  Call us at 816-529-2281 to visit with them down at the WF ClubHouse.  They are staying as warm as they can by huddling together on heating pads and blankets. 

The WarmFuzzy’s Feral Cat Colony -  they are enjoying getting inside out of the biting frigid wind but miss the warm.   We have set up boxes with towels in them so they can huddle together to stay warm.

We have put plastic & blankets over the windows to cut down on some of the cold drafts.  We check on them several times during the day and night to replace frozen water bowls. 

WarmFuzzy's is a very small group of people working with extremely limited resources and funds.  Please help by adopting these lover kitties or if not  become foster parents or Sponsor.

To make a contribution to WarmFuzzy's you can use the link below, which would be gratefully accepted.   OR you can make it out to and mail it to WarmFuzzy's, RR #1, Box 50K, Drexel, MO  64742.

To Sponsor one of our WarmFuzzy's:  The first year of sponsorship would cost $10 a month to cover the cost of food, vaccinations & being altered.  Every year thereafter would cost $8 a month for food and yearly vaccinations.  You would receive a picture of the warm fuzzy you choose to sponsor in email (preferably) or US Postal Service along with periodic updates on him/her as well as a Certificate of Sponsorship.  Think about it, then hopefully you will  help save a life. Thank you for supporting our WarmFuzzy's.

Joyce E. Maser-Ellis, Pres.
RR #1, Box 50K
Drexel, MO 64742

Lisa A. Maser, VP: Fuzzy2@warmfuzzys.org
Sharon K. Baseley, VP: Fuzzy4@warmfuzzys.org

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