October 2003

WarmFuzzy's was asked by Alley Cat Allies to represent them (as well as ourselves) at the upcoming Kansas Animal Control Association Annual Conference being held October 22, 23 & 24th in Overland Park at the Double Tree Hotel in the newly constructed conference center.  We are greatly honored that they asked us to attend this event for them !!

The WarmFuzzy's Club House now sits in its permanent location.  It also has electricity and running water, sort of.  We have cold water; no hot water but the toilet flushes !  We have a small propane gas tank filled and ready to go but the lines in the Club House need replacing.  Until that is done there is no heat.   Last year we used a small kerosene heater to heat one room for our relocated ferals but it will not heat the entire place.  This is going to be a real big problem as we are currently housing 10 cats and teenagers that need homes.   We have a few options available to us.  We can use one large and one small kerosene heater but we only have 10 gallons of kerosene.  That is nowhere near what we would need to make it through the winter.  The Club House came with a very old furnace that needs lots of help to make useable or we can put in a new furnace that was donated.  Either way that requires running all new lines that we don't have the money for.    Insulating the duct work under the Club House also needs to be done or by the time it goes from the furnace through the duct work to anywhere in the Club House all that will be coming out the vents will be cold air.   We can't do this alone.  We need your help.             

Of these 10 cats 4 are Crickett Harkin's kitties.  We have Flyn, a big black Siamese mix lover boy, Cuddles, a sweetheart of a female grey tabby, Wimbly, a timid silver grey British Blue male mix (but once he knows you, he is in your lap) and Jacks, a very mellow black medium haired fellow.   Pictures of these kitties can be seen on our web site ( http://www.warmfuzzys.org ).  There are still 3 more kitties in the Harkin's house that need homes.  There is Shade, female black short haired, White Out, all white male Siamese & Zoe, female calico.  The last two need some work in the being friendly department.  Also in the WF Club House are 6 rescued ferals that are tame enough to go to homes.  Call 816-529-2281 to come see who you would like to take home and love.

Once these cats have been adopted WarmFuzzy's wants to finish Crickett's dream - to Trap, Alter and Release the rest of the cats that are outside around Crickett's house.  So far we know for sure that there is a petite little black female and Grayson's daddy.  There are a few more but we haven't been able to get a good enough look to identify them.  Very simply, we need financial help to finish Crickett's dream. 

We have four adorable kittens that are available for adoption just recently weaned as well as Sonnet (momma cat).  A very pregnant Sonnet was caught by the Louisburg Police, brought to the Louisburg Animal Clinic who called me.  They did not want to put her down.  The kittens are one of each: one all black, one orange swirl (currently in my lap), one dark grey tabby, one light grey tabby with an orange spot on top of head.  Momma is mostly black with what can best be described as orange swipes on her - like someone took a paintbrush and dabbed her.  Sonnet is a lap cat.  She just wants someone's lap to lay in and be petted.  Pictures of them all are on our web site or you can
call 816-529-2281 to arrange to see them.    

The WarmFuzzy’s Feral Cat Colony -  They have all been released.  There are a few we have not seen at all since releasing them but with the cold weather returning I'm sure we'll be seeing them soon.

We are in DESPERATE need of canned cat food and dry food; both adult and kitten.   

We still need signatures on the petition to get the law changed as to the number limit of animals you are allowed to have if you are a feral cat colony caretaker.  The petition is on line so if you are a resident of Kansas City, Missouri please print it out, sign it and send it to WarmFuzzy's c/o Lisa Maser, RR #1, Box 50K, Drexel, MO  64742.  This is one of the first steps in getting the out of control stray/feral cat population under control.

Since July 2002 we have adopted out almost 100 cats.   Please call 816-529-2281 to make arrangements to meet and adopt the few remaining cats that we have.   If you aren't able to adopt, how about being a foster parent ?  Or a Sponsor ?  To Sponsor one of our WarmFuzzy's:  The first year of sponsorship would cost $10 a month to cover the cost of food, vaccinations & being altered.  Every year thereafter would cost $8 a month for food and yearly vaccinations.  You would receive a picture of the warm fuzzy you choose to sponsor either in email  or US Postal Service along with periodic updates on him/her as well as a Certificate of Sponsorship.  Think about it, then hopefully you will  help save a life. Thank you for supporting our WarmFuzzy's.

To make a contribution to WarmFuzzy's you can use the link below, which would be gratefully accepted.   OR you can make it out to and mail it to WarmFuzzy's, RR #1, Box 50K, Drexel, MO  64742.

Joyce E. Maser-Ellis, Pres.
RR #1, Box 50K
Drexel, MO 64742

Joyce:  816-529-2281
Lisa:     816-529-2275

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